Sonic 1 hacking studio download

Sonic 1 Hacking Studio Download


  • Livearea Assets for Vita Port made by Danhanado
    Sonic 1/2 2013 Decompilation
    A Full Decompilation of Sonic 1 & 2 (2013)


    • Without assets from the official releases this decompilation will not run.
    • You can get the official release of sonic 1 & sonic 2 from:

    even if your platform isn't supported by the official releases, buy it for the assets (you dont need to run the official release, you just need the game assets)

    Additional Tweaks

    • added a built in script compiler, similar to CD, but tweaked up to match the new syntax for the scripts used in RSDKv4
    • There is now a settings.ini file that the game uses to load all settings, similar to Sonic Mania
    • Dev menu can now be accessed from anywhere by pressing the ESC key if enabled in the config
    • The f12 pause, f11 step over & fast forward debug features from sonic mania have all be ported and are enabled if devMenu is enabled in the config
    • If devMenu is enabled in the config, pressing f10 will activate a palette overlay that shows the game's 8 internal palettes in real time


    • the 'native object' system has been implimented, but the objects (aside from RetroGameLoop and a temporary pause menu) and the proper HW rendering system have yet to be added
    • probably some more bug fixes, because there always are a few stragglers
    • create a cmakelists.txt file for windows compiling so builds can be added automatically via git actions
    • S2 networking code, we attempted to write code to handle the 2PVS mode in S2 but we couldn't finish for many reasons, we did leave our WIP code in the game, so if you think you could do it by all means give it a shot!

    How to build:

    • Clone the repo, then follow the instructions in the depencencies readme for windows to setup dependencies, then build via the visual studio solution
    • or grab a prebuilt executable from the releases section


    • Clone the repo, then follow the instructions in the depencencies readme for mac to setup dependencies, then build via the xcode project
    • note: a proper mac release is being worked on, and hopefully will be released soon

    Other platforms:

    Currently the only supported platforms are the ones listed above, however the backend uses libogg, libvorbis & SDL2 to power it, so the codebase is very multiplatform. if you've cloned this repo and ported it to a platform not on the list or made some changes you'd like to see added to this repo, submit a pull request and it'll most likely be added


    Q: The screen is tearing, how do I fix it?
    A: Try turning on vsync, that worked for me (tested on mac)

    Q: I found a bug/I have a feature request!

    A: Submit an issue in the issues tab and I'll fix/add (if possible) it as soon as I can

    Q: Will you do a decompilation for Sonic CD (2011)?

    A: I already have! you can find it here!

    Q: Will you do a decompilation for Sonic Mania?

    A: No. Sonic Mania is a ton bigger and requires that I'd decompile not only how the (far more complex) RSDKv5 works, but also all 600+ objects work

    Special Thanks

    • RMGRich: for helping me fix bugs, tweaking up my sometimes sloppy code and generally being really helpful and fun to work with on this project
    • Everyone in the Retro Engine Modding Server: for being supportive of me and for giving me a place to show off these things that I've found


    in 2018 I started researching Christan Whitehead's 'Retro Engine' as a side project since I was bored, I started with Sonic CD (RSDKv3) since it was the most well known version that hadn't had much support, since at that time Sonic Mania's (RSDKv5) modding scene was already thriving, and eventually I expanded my range to Retro-Sonic (Retro-Sonic Engine), Sonic Nexus (RSDKv1) & Sonic 1/2 (RSDKv4), since then I have worked during spare moments to document and reverse all that I can of all versions of RSDK as it was just interesting to see how things worked under the hood or how features evolved and changed over time. Fast forward to 2020 and Sappharad shows me his decompilation of Sonic CD based on the windows phone 7 port since they'd seen my other github repositories relating to RSDK reversing. After seeing their decompilation I had the idea to start my own Sonic CD decompilation based on the PC port, with improvements and tweaks android port, though I didn't have much time to get around to it, so the project was shelved until I had more time to work on it. in mid-december 2020, I remembered the sonic CD decompilation that I started and finally had the time to work on it more, so after around 2 weeks of on/off working the decompilation was finally in a solid working state, though I continued tweaking it for another few weeks just to iron out all the glitches and bugs that I found. in early january 2021 it was released to almost universal praise, and since I enjoyed working on that I decided I would try to make a decompilation of RSDKv4 (Sonic 1/Sonic 2), since the engine was similar enough to v3's that I could translate much of the core over from the v3 decompilation, which I was sucessfully able to do. a few days into working on the v4 decompilation I asked RMGRich if they wanted to help work on this with me since there's a lot about v4 that hasn't been very documented that I'd have to figure out, they accepted and over the first half of january 2021 we got to work in finishing the decompilation


    Here's some other platforms I'm more active on if more specific questions need to be asked or you just wanna check out other stuff I do
    • Discord: Rubberduckycooly#6438

  • Same as Sonic CD.
    Place Data.rsdk in ux0:data/Sonic1/ for Sonic the Hedgehog 1
    Place Data.rsdk in ux0:data/Sonic2/ for Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    Tested with the Android version
    Keep in mind, you need to get the data from within the APK. So I recommend this app ( to back it up and open it as a zip archive on your computer. It'll be called data.rsdk.xmf. You just need to rename it to data.rsdk
    Known issues:
    Sounds stops working after suspension on some systems. It will start playing again after an event triggers playback.

  • v1.1.0

    It's fixed!
    Thanks to the Team working on the original Decompilation, Audio Crashes have been fixed! You can actually play the game normally without much disruption (But this doesn't mean completely crash free). This also marks the first 'Stable' release of the port.
    Time Attack is also fixed in this release.​

    VPKs are now two separate bubbles for a dual install
    Up to date with Upstream with Audio Fixes
    New Livearea Assets thanks to Danhanado!​

    No overclock this time​


Edits music from Sonic 1. Sonic QX: 0.31: Saxman: Music editor for Sonic 2 Beta. It can also import some General MIDIs into the game. Sonic Sound Editor: 0.02: Saxman: Edits music tempo for Sonic 1, imports WAV files to replace the 'SEGA' sound for Sonic 1 & 2. Xm3smps: 3.3.2: Nineko: Converts songs from XM to SMPS (sonic 1 format). Oct 06, 2020 Sonic: Painful World Spikes Kazio (Alternative Title: Sonic the Hedgehog - Painful World Spikes Kazio; Sonic: PWSK) - is a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, created by VadimSuper. It gives each Zone a new palettes and layouts, with the latter designed to be more harder than those of the original game. SONIC LOOP EDITION V.1.6 THIS IS A FREE VERSION. HOW TO USE: DOWNLOAD SONIC MOD FILE AND MOD YOUR UI AND ALSO Extract Sonic.

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