Sniper 3D Android latest 3.34.1 APK Download and Install. Free online & offline multiplayer FPS game. Play as a top sniper assassin! Facebook Password Sniper is a tool used to hack & recover a Facebook account by using a technique called Rainbow Tables along with some other advanced algorithms. But don’t worry, I am not making this guide too lengthy, if you don’t want to know the details of how the tool works, you can just download Facebook password sniper from above link. This applies both to SD lists of games and to Online lists and affects all versions of Accio Hacks. The limit for Online lists was increased to 250 in Accio Hacks v1.1. Currently, the largest possible list is 137 games: ' R Wii - S - (.) Any/All Regions'. There is a 900 code limit per game, the rest are abandoned when the txt file and gct are. FANTECH, this brand was found in 2009. Our company put more investments into our innovation and designed. We are the best at controlling and handling productions and qualities. Sniper Elite 4 - v1.0 - v1.5.0 +13 TRAINER - Download. Gameplay-facilitating trainer for Sniper Elite 4. This trainer may not necessarily work with your copy of the game. File type Trainer. File size 743.2 KB. Downloads 52513 (last 7 days) 345. Last update Sunday, July 23, 2017.

Only download the file from the official site for your safety

  • MSniper working with NecroBot2 v1.0.0.0 or upper .You can use everytime because program communicating with NecroBot and it will send pokemon location,so catch doing NecroBot.MSniper can working multiple NecroBot and same pokemon location will send all working bot at the same time.
if you have any question or getting error, please join discord and send message via #Help channel


  • 'ActivateMSniper': true for snipe
  • Settings.json

  • 'TranslationLanguageCode': 'en' changes application language such as tr,en,zh-TW,es
  • 'CloseDelaySec': 10 application duration time
  • 'DeleteTempFolder ': true msnipertemp file controller
  • 'DownloadNewVersion': true controls automatic new version download
  • 'ShowActiveBots': true displays running necrobots on msniper's window
  • 'AutoCultureDetect': true automatic detects translation (with v1.0.6.0)
  • Console Colors

  • 'ErrorColor': '#FF2000'
  • 'HighlightColor': '#FFFFFF'
  • 'NotificationColor': '#00FABF'
  • 'SuccessColor': '#00FF00'
  • 'WarningColor': '#FFC800'
  • registerProtocol.bat: registers msniper:// protocol (if you change file location, you have to run again. maybe first you need run removeProtocol.bat)
  • removeProtocol.bat: removes msniper:// protocol
  • resetSnipeList.bat: resets all working bot's snipping queues
  • fileUpdater.bat: after auto update,changes old files with new ones
  • MSniperUpdater.exe: new updater (you can delete it, if program needs, it can download again)
  • msniper:// (working with http://msniper .com/ (deprecated))
  • Protocol Example

    • msniper://Dratini/13993121785675533021/2e69f07a347/-6.2691040262865299,106.73051289906371/89.34

v1.0.0 - v1.0.2

  • integrated with NecroBot (do not delete SnipeMS.json in NecroBot folder)
  • running without username, password and device information
  • Snipping while NecroBot is working
  • new protocol msniper://
  • program can works with old protocol pokesiniper2://
  • program can working multiple NecroBot and same pokemon location will send all working NecroBot at the same time


  • Settings.json included
    • CloseDelaySec is duration time
    • TranslationLanguageCode everyone know what is this
    • DownloadNewVersion new version download checker
  • multi-language support
  • automatic new version downloader


  • display changed to WinFormConsole
  • hyperlink supports in console
  • active bot list can switches between NecroBots
  • ShowActiveBots property added
  • DeleteTempFolder property added
  • verifying pokemon names when input
  • detects running necrobot startWith Necrobot*.exe (* anything)
  • massively pokemon name input
  • console colors output

v1.0.5 HOT FIX

  • new updater added
  • empty window error fixed
  • live pokemon feeder is improving (still not working)
  • Did not find a Pokemon error mostly fixed with Necrobot v0.9.8 (every pokemon location can not correct, some of fake or invalid, so you still can see the error message)


  • automatic culture detector added
  • new property AutoCultureDetect (default true)
  • msniper console stuck bug fixed
  • line updater bug fixed
  • translations updated
  • TranslationLanguageCode format changed to (tr-TR, en-US, zn-CN, es-ES)
  • tempfolderdelete property removed


  • 'A 32 bit processor cannot access modules of a 64 bit process' bug fixed


  • integrated with Necrobot2 v0.9.9.2 or Upper
  • activated [msniper .com (deprecated)] for special snipe
  • fast pokemon snipe and live pokemon list on [msniper .com (deprecated)]
  • disabled old msniper (only working with [msniper .com (deprecated)])


  • integrated with Necrobot2 v1.0.0.0 or Upper
  • old and new format works at the same time
  • supports old protocol and newone at the same time
  • you can run multiple MSniper
  • sending one pokemon, sharing with all running NecroBot
  • program can use with MSniper Pokemon Service + NecroBot
  • MSniper detects bots such necrobot13123.exe doesn't matter after necrobot text
  • configurable console colors
  • embedded Pokemon Live Feed
  • MSniper doesn't cause ban, only using NecroBot will cause ban because every catching is controlling on NecroBot. using bot your own risk
  • firstly, run NecroBot (doesn't matter how many use bot)
  • secondly, run once registerProtocol.bat (if you change file location, you have to run again)

    Method 1

    • thirdly, use [msniper .com (deprecated)] snipe website
  • NecroBot2v1.0.0.0 or Upper

Introduction on sniper 3d mod apk


  • 1 Introduction on sniper 3d mod apk
    • 1.5 How to hack sniper 3d mod apk?
  • 2 Download sniper shot 3d mod apk,

Sniper 3D Mod apk 2020 is the most popular mobile game in the action and shooting games world. It can be played both offline as well as online. You are the army’s best sniper in this shooting game and you have to kill the criminals in different missions given by game. You can get rewards after every mission and you can upgrade your gun and ammo which helps to complete harder missions.

For the beginners game auto suggest you which helps in playing very easily in starting. Sniper 3d mod apk has very high quality 3D graphics, if you are shooting and action game lovers you will definitely enjoy and love this game. Mod version of this game gives you access to all features of the game with unlimited coins. You can also get unlimited ammo during the mission in the Mod application of this game. This game has a 4.5 rating out of 5 in Google play Store with more than 100 million downloads with many positive reviews.

Features of sniper 3d hack apk:

  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited diamonds
  • No ads
  • All guns unlocked
  • All characters Available

Features of sniper 3d mod apk

  • Expose yourself to epic adventures

You get epic shooting experiences in a sniper 3D game. You can expose yourself by engaging in hundreds of missions in the game. You can enjoy the game by character’s stories in each mission. Game becomes harder and harder in every next incredible mission and you can collect more reward prizes after winning the mission.

  • Travel to the world most incredible locations:-

In this game, mission will take place in epic location and you have the chances to travel incredible locations. You can play this game in multiple battlefields. You can increase your shooting ability in various locations from deserts to huge skyscrapers. You also get chances to shoot from moving helicopters in different missions of this game.

  • Easy to control all mechanics

You don’t need any extra time to understand the control mechanics of this game. For the beginners, the gameplay tutorial is given to the player and before every mission a clear instruction is given to the player which helps so much. You can zoom as much as you want to your target easily. Combination of both hands during gameplay is well balanced by the developers.

  • Many exiting game modes

Sniper 3D explore the attractive FPS gameplay as you join your team in epic missions. This game really satisfied all gamers, which come with the incredible game modes that all are in a single game. You have to stop your enemies and their activity before they complete it and protect the whole world from their harmful activities.

  • Choose between hundreds of weapons and upgrade/customize them.

You can easily choose powerful and incredible weapons featured in the game which helps you to eliminate your targets in your own styles. You can also upgrade and customize your weapons according to your desire. Sniper 3D auto suggests you upgrade your weapons which is an awesome point of this game.

  • Discover the incredible online mode

If you are confident in your gaming abilities and in skills, online mode is the best way to test and check your ability as compared to others gamer’s. In online mode you have to fight with the world’s best snipers and you have survival matches with them which increases your gaming ability and you become the world’s best sniper one day.

Key features of Sniper 3d hack apk 2020

  • This game has the best quality 3D graphics which is amazing and gives you the best quality gameplay.

  • You can get many thrilling missions in the game and have more fun.

  • The interface of the game is easy to control and understand.

  • You can easily upgrade your gun easily from reward coins and get other things from the store.

  • It is free of cost and in the mod version you can get unlimited coins.

  • There are no any ads shown in this game.

  • The game gives clear instruction about the criminals before the mission.

  • You can play this game whenever you want and not require the internet and can be played online also.

Check out the official trailer for sniper 3d apk

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Price: Free+
NameSniper 3d mod apk
PublisherSniper 3d
Version8.3.2 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Unlocked
RequiresAndroid 4.1

How to hack sniper 3d mod apk?

Estimated time to install: 3 Mins

Step 1: Download Sniper 3d mod apk 2020

First of all, you need to download Your app simply by pressing download given below which will take you to the download link then you need to download your apps.

Step 2:Find your mod apk

Now when you have downloaded app you need to find downloaded sniper 3d mod apk unlimited coins and diamonds, it may be in downloads folder or the folder you created for saving your downloaded files.

Step 3:Enable Unknown Resources

Sniper hot hacker v1.0 download v1 0 download pc

Sniper Hot Hacker V1.0 Download Pc

If you are going to install from unknown sites then you need to enable unknown resources but don’t worry our apps are virus-free so, you can use them for a longer duration

Step 4:Install The apk

You will be prompted to install the app then simply press install then you are done wait for a few seconds then you will be ready to go.

Step 5: Install Sniper 3d hack 2020,

There it’s you will find your mod apk or desired mod installed in your device ready to rock and roll now enjoy the premium mod.

Sniper Hot Hacker V1.0 Download Free

Download sniper shot 3d mod apk,

Here you can get Real racing hack apk, without worries here we serve you high speed downloading links so, you can follow those mentioned steps in order to download so without wasting your time lets begin:


Sniper Hot Hacker V1.0 Download V1 0 Download Pc

Note:We haven’t stored any files in our hosting the files aren’t hosted over our server and we have uploaded from the internet we got If you have an issue let us know through the contact

Summary on sniper 3d mod apk 2020

At the end, sniper 3D is the most popular game in the world. The FPS gameplay and graphics of this game will attract you so much. This game is free and downloading this game doesn’t feel bad but you get impressed by its animation, sound and FPS technology. Overall this is the best game in the shooting and action gaming field.

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