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We've added support for clans across various plugins, including:

  • Support for clan messages in the chat timestamps, chat history, chat commands, chat filter, emoji,chat colors, and chat notifications plugins
  • The Minimap plugin can recolor clan member player dots
  • You can hop-to clan members' worlds using the World Hopper plugin
  • The Player Indicator plugin has highlighting for clan members
  • The Twitch plugin now uses /t as its chat trigger

Additionally, the friends chat plugin was renamed to Chat Channels and allows adding join/leavemessages to clan and guest clan channels, as well as changing your target chat channel by simplytyping /f, /c, /g, and /p, as shown below:

We have added a plugin panel for the Party plugin which shows your active party members and has UIfor adding new members to your party and toggling specific players' health and prayer displaying inthe overlay. Because of the added panel button, the Party plugin has been disabled by default andmust be re-enabled for those wishing to use it. It also simplifies the invite flow (still via Discord)so it is possible to create a party and send invites immediately, and also allows accepting join requestsvia the client in the panel.

You can now manually reset the XP/hr rates of the XP Tracker plugin without resetting the gained XP,and configure it to automatically reset these rates after a set timeout duration.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The Item Charges plugin now has a separate toggle for Guthix rests
  • Chat message recoloring is fixed for players with spaces in their ingame name
  • Skill challenge clues requiring a hammer now recognize the Imcando hammer as being accepted


- Jordan

New commits

We had 6 contributors this release!

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Looks pretty Awesome for a crazy hackz, thanks for sharing it with us!

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Amazing tool. work perfect. Thanks for giving it away!.

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I love it. Thanks a lot for the share. I haven't really found a real haxx I like until now :D

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Fixed, you i get the new tool via new download link, cheers and tvm for help Admin.

w4rl0rdx -
haha thanks sir, I will probably use it in my next account.BTW easy download, easy used, keep smile and hooray !! I got what I want

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Awesome especially on the cd Key. Thanks for share with us mate!

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Thanks! your tool really help me. Anyway good holiday!

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Heyy sir... share me your skype or some else. I need private chat plizz plizz??

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No doubtful anymore. U Are a great one man. Please hack another game for us:))

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OMG cooool hax dude! i got all my premium items now!
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