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Looking to get information about PUBG Mobile UC hack APK download 2020? We have done all the works for you and share it all in this article. Read this complete guideline to learn PUBG Mobile Download Hack. Get all the legit information on PUBG MOD.

PUBG Mod APK Version 1.4.0 – Unlimited UC & AimBot Hack App

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The gaming revolution has been started when PUBG mobile has come to market. Since the PUBG release, it impacts the whole gaming technology. PUBG has created unique popularity because of its gameplay quality & graphics. So many people who have poor gaming skills faced so many difficulties while playing PUBG. To avoid these difficulties they try to find some solution to fix it. Here we share the solution to fix this issue. PUBG MOD Version 1.4.0 APK is available to download where you can play well when you have no game IQ & skills.

PUBG MOD APK will help you to increase your game skill or as well as you will play like a Pro Player from initial after download this MOD. This MOD will control all the difficulties and give you a smooth strength to Playing. You will also get PUBG UC, Outfit & Other premium things of PUBG for free with this MOD APK.

Please Avoid Such Types Of File To Download. It may be harmful for your device. Learn the full details and do it at your own risk


This an informative post on PUBG Mobile MOD. Know The Merits & Demerits Of this MOD and How to Download PUBG MOD APK +OBB Latest Version for free. PUBG MOD 1.4.0 APK is available to download for free. You can buy Premium PUBG Mod APK at a very low cost which will give a lot more features & hack of PUBG Mobile.

Hey, Guys, All you know about the most popular China game PUBG Mobile. But some of you don’t know about PUBG Mobile Mod. PUBG Mobile MOD or PUBG MOD is a modded version of PUBG Mobile Game where you can explorer more features of PUBG Game. The Mod is an illegal & unwanted way to cheat the game terms. So better use real games instead of Mod. In MOD APK Game, You can access the paid features of PUBG Game for free in PUBG MOD. In this MOD Game, you will get unlimited health, unlimited AMO, and No reload bullets, Wall drags out & Unlimited PUBG UC for free.

What is PUBG MOD Apk?

PUBG MOD is a customized or custom APK version of PUBG Mobile Game to unlock advanced features on Game. It’s mainly used to hack PUBG Mobile. By playing in this MOD Apk, you never lose any Match. Here you get many more paid features for free like Legendary Outfit, Unlimited Uc, Gun Skin, Vehicle Skin & Free RP Also. You don’t need to use any PUBG Mobile ESP, PUBG Script & Pubg Cheat Code on this Free MOD Apk.

You can get free PUBG UC by use of bp in PUBG MOD APK. To use PUBG Game Mod is not a legal way. There will be a chance of your account ban for ten years. We don’t recommend you to play with this Mod. Genuinely play PUBG Mobile & enjoy the game. If you wish for MOD, then you can use it as your own risk. After installing this PUBG MOD Apk & config all the OBB files, you will unlock all the advance options of the game. You will access so many advance option in here that ill help you to win PUBG Match. Using mod APK is very risky because it may lead your account to terminate permanently.

Key Features Of PUBG Mobile MOD 1.4:-

  • 🤖 AimBot:- It’s an auto-aiming feature it aims to the enemy automatically. It tracks enemy motion to aim at him. It will detect the enemy automatically & your fire never misses out of the enemy. All the bullets you fired it automatically hits to the aim enemy.
  • ☠️ WallHack:- This MOD Apk well supports PUBG Mobile Wallhack. It’s Wall Graphic Dragout features. It removes the graphical restriction & Your Gun AMO can go through any physical animation.
  • ⛑️ Auto Health Increasement:- I will increase your health automatically by periodically. The Hint of it is the TDM Wire House.
  • 🤑 Unlimited UC:- You will get PUBG UC For Free & you can buy a premium Pubg voucher & skin free. Royal Pass & Gun Skin is restricted from this UC & You can’t gift it.
  • 🔫 Free GUN Skins: There are no features of Gun SKIN in this Mod App
  • 🚫 Anti Ban:- There is Anti Ban Option in this Modded Apk, which saves your account for blockage or 10-year termination. Play the game quickly & safely.
  • ⛔ No Limits:- You are not fixed any limits. You can game an unlimited match with this Mod Game.
  • ⚠️ No Recoil:- It reduces Gun recoil to 0%, which is easier for you to play & kill your enemies in the game.

More Features Of PUBG Mobile MOD V1.4

  • No Root Required– If you are using a non-rooted phone, then don’t need any manipulation or root your device for its work. It is also working on a non-rooted device, as well as.
  • Map Vehicle Location– In this mod update, a new feature comes out now. You can trace the distance of enemy vehicles along from you. It will show the enemy’s vehicle distance and location on the gaming screen.
  • Show items– This is an unbelievable feature that you never get on any PUBG MOD. In this option, you can show the items available in the area. You can easily track all things like medic, Gun, AMO, Vehicle, Helmet, and Vest over a room or space. That may help you to time management in-game, and you can quickly edge over your enemies.
  • Memory Hack- This feature is safe from your PUBG ID Ban. Most MOD APK of PUBG does not give such features to flag your PUBG ID Ban for ten years. These key features help you to hide your camera’s sake and keep save your PUBG ID from the ban.
  • No Fog & Grass- It’s an essential features in PUBG Mobile New MOD version. No fog features will help you to find enemy in fog weather and give you 100% visible graphic. That help you to find enemy location, road, building and house. No grass feature will help you to find enemy when he sleep in snake shape. When you activate this option you will find the enemy who hide themselve sleeping in grass.

How To Use & Install PUBG MOD APK V1.4.0

  1. First Of All, Uninstalled the PUBG Mobile from your phone. If previously you have downloaded it.
  2. Allow Unknown Resources by Goto your security setting.
  3. Now Download PUBG Mod & OBB File on bellow article links.
  4. Install the downloaded PUBG Apk
  5. Now Extract OBB Data On OBB Folder
  6. For this First Open File Manager -> Open Android Folder-> Then OBB Folder-> Create A New Folder name with “com.tencent.ig” under OBB Folder
  7. Now your PUBG Mod Game will be ready to Play

Note: We don’t suggest anyone broke any Game or Company Policy. This Post is for illustration purposes only. You should learn the merits and demerits information about PUBG Game Hacking here.

PUBG Mod APK Download File V1.4

Latest PUBG APK & OBB Modded files to download. There Are Two Types Of One is free, or another is paid. The Paid PUBG Mod has so many free features & you will Play it For Free without any account ban. Here is Both Free & Paid OBB File to download. You will find APK & OBB file on the same link. We don’t add any free link to download the PUBG Mobile APK file. It would help if you went for a premium link also.

PUBG Mobile India Version MOD Info

As we know PUBG Mobile bGlobal version has banned in India in September. Now PUBG Mobile is coming back with Indian version very soon. This version will available in Play Store very soon. Till then we are offering the leak version of PUBG Mobile Indian MOD APK as soon as available in market. When PUBG Indian version will be rolled out we sure share the MOD with you.

PUBG Mobile (Global) Modded Apk 1.4.0 Info

If you are looking for how to download Mod for PUBG, then read this article. PUBG Mobile New MOD Version 1.1.0 has been rolled out today. Kindly buy the package install & enjoy playing.



  • AimBot – Yes
  • Version 1.4.0
  • WallHack – Yes
  • Unlimited Health – No
  • Unlimited UC – No
  • Anti Ban – Not Confirm
  • Price – Free
  • Ads – No Ad


  • AimBot – Yes
  • Version 1.4.0
  • WallHack – Yes
  • Unlimited Health – Yes
  • Unlimited UC – Yes
  • Anti Ban – Yes
  • Price – Rs.99
  • Ads Free – Yes

This is the comparison between Free & Paid Mod

PUBG Mobile MOD OBB & APP Link

Download PUBG APK +OBB From Bellow Link. There are paid & free files of PUBG MOD & OBB File. This APK file is modded of the Pubg Korean version.

The download link is currently off. It will be available soon. Join our Telegram Channel For More Mod Apk Updates.

This is the best guide article on PUBG Mobile Download Hack MOD. We have covered all the merit and demerit things of this app in the article. Learn carefully before download it.


What is PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile is the most famous Online multiplayer action & shooter game. PUBG Game has developed by Tencent Game company. In 2017 PUBG Game has Start by a Japanese Company & later, the Chinese Tech Start-Up Tencent Game acquired it.

The PUBG Gaming Ideas are inspired by most playing Online PC Game Fry Cry. But now PUBG is the highest revenue Game & Second most Playing Online Action Game After Garena’s Free Fire.
Firstly PUBG Mobile starts on PC after the success it starts on Mobile. Then it becomes PUBG PC & PUBG Mobile.

Pubg Animation Hacker Vs Hacker Download

PUBG stands for Player’s Unkown Batlle Ground. This game is available in PC & Mobile. In the PC Platform, you will find PUBG PC & PUBG PC Lite for Mobile Platform. It also has PUBG Mobile & Lite. In 2017 Tencent PUBG game only for PC. Later the grand success of PUBG launches PUBG Mobile In March 2018. PUBG Mobile Lite Came in 2019. According to Google Play, PUBG Mobile has more than 500Million downloads in two years.

PUBG Mobile New KR MOD APK Download

Today we will share a new version of PUBG KR MOD (PUBG Mobile Korean Version MOD). This PUBG Korean MOD is currently working in Korean Version 1.4.0, and you will get free update for 1.4 if you are buying this MOD.

Pubg Hacks Pc

This MOD has so many features it gives you enemy location and increases your health automatically. If you want to buy this app, then join our Telegram Channel.

PUBG KR Version 1.4.0 Tap Tap Download

You can find so many advanced features in the KR version of PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile KR version is similar to the Global version. But the main difference is rewards & events. PUBG mostly releases all the Korean Version events first; later, it comes in PUBG Global & other versions. You will get some advanced features & extra rewards in the KR version rather than PUBG Mobile GL. Today we will provide the download link for PUBG KR MOD V.1.4.0 Hack from the Tap Tap website.

How To Download PUBG KR MOD Version 1.4.0 Hack

  1. Open Tap Tap website from the link
  2. On the page you will get various download option for PUBG Mobile KR Hack
  3. Tap on downlead button to get download it directly to your phone storage
  4. Later unzip the downloaded file & complete your installation setup
  5. Once you installed it you will able to play all the match smoothly


This is an information post related to the PUBG Mod hack App. We suggest you be aware before downloading such a hack or mod apk. There may be a kind of malware or spyware that harm to your device. We don’t promote any link to download such type of files. Be aware of PUBG ESP Hack and Unlimited UC App because it’s illegal.

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Free pubg hacks

PUBG hackers 2020 and PUBG Mobile hackers 2020 upgrade every day. They continue to annoy true players and destroy the game. Hack and cheat are common issues of PUBG games. Cheaters and hackers always make PUBG Mobile players annoyed. Let's check out some tricks and cheats they use to win the game unfairly with Gurugamer.com.

PUBG Mobile Hackers 2020

PUBG Mobile keep updating and upgrading their anti-cheat system. However, cheaters and hackers always improve their tools and hack skills to blind and cheat the anti-cheat system. Moreover, it's pretty easy to find a PUBG hacking app 2020 on the internet. That's why a lot of players are complaining about this issue. Besides, the developers of this game also keep updating their mechanism and system to detect cheaters and ban them.

According to the rule of PUBG Mobile, cheater and hackers will get a 10-year ban on their account if the PUBG team detects their cheat. However, this punishment does not make cheaters scared because they can create a new account and hack again. Moreover, many cheaters do not get banned even when they have been reported many times. It can be because the number of hackers and reports is so high that the PUBG team cannot handle them soon.

PUBG Hacking Scripts 2020

There are a lot of categories of cheats in PUBG and PUBG Mobile. All of those cheats are illegal because they give cheaters unfair advantages over true players.

PUBG Aimbot

The very first and popular hack in PUBG and PUBG Mobile is aimbot. A lot of PUBG hackers 2020 are using this cheat to kill real players and get Chicken Dinner. Aimbot is a cheat tool that helps PUBG Mobile hacker shoot accurately despite bad aim by modifying the bullets. It makes the bullets land accurately on the enemies although the hacker does not aim accurately.

It's pretty easy to determine a hacker using aimbot when spectating him playing. If you see him kill an enemy when his gun's crosshair does not aim at the enemy, he is a cheater.

Speed Hack

Another type of hack is the speed hack. It helps PUBG Mobile hackers 2020 move faster than the normal speed in this game. This cheat gives hackers an unfair advantage because they can approach you sooner than expected. Then, you will be killed without getting ready to react. Moreover, hackers are harder to be killed because they will evade before you can fire.

The Recoil Cheats

Another popular type of hack that PUBG hackers 2020 also use is recoil hack. This cheat helps them shoot without recoil. As we all know, gun recoil is often a big problem for many players. Especially, when you use powerful weapons with high rates of fire, you have to control gun recoil to shoot accurately. However, PUBG Mobile hackers can shoot without recoil with recoil cheats.

PUBG ESP and Wallhack

Wallhack is also a popular type of hack that let hackers see and spot enemies through walls and obstacles. If you spot any players aim and shoot at walls and stones, he is likely to use wallhack in PUBG Mobile. Moreover, PUBG ESP will let hackers know the exact position of all players on the map. Then, they surely know where you are to kill you easily.

High Damage Hack

Next, you may also encounter hackers using high damage hack. It means the damage per hit he makes is larger than normal. Therefore, to kill an enemy with a certain gun, that cheater needs fewer accurate bullets than expected. Facing those PUBG Mobile hackers 2020, you can hardly win.

These are the five most popular types of hack in PUBG and PUBG Mobile 2020. There are many other cheats that you may see, such as distance hack, footprint hack, health, vehicle hack, etc. When you suspect some players as hackers, you can report them. Then, PUBG and PUBG Mobile teams will negotiate and ban if they really commit cheating and hacking.

How To Report PUBG Hackers 2020?

There are many ways to report PUBG and PUBG Mobile hackers. By reporting cheaters, you help PUBG teams to clean hackers and cheaters from this game to protect the game as well as your experience.

Report PUBG Hackers On PC/Consoles

To report PUBG PC hackers, you just have to click on the Report button on the Exit screen. Then, you select the type of hack that the hacker uses in that match and then click Report to submit. Or else, you can report cheaters on PUBG Support Page. After going to this page, you select the platform you play PUBG on, such as PC, Xbox, or PS4. Then, you provide further information, such as email, issue, server, hack description, etc.

Report PUBG Mobile Hackers

Download pubg hacker

To report PUBG Mobile hackers, you also click on the Report button on the bottom of the Exit screen. Then, you also choose the nickname of the hackers and type of cheat. Then, submit your report. Then, the PUBG Mobile team will suspect that player and give him a 10-year ban if he cheats for sure. Moreover, you also get back the points you lost due to hacker's kill in that match.

Those are things you need to know about PUBG hackers 2020 as well as how to report them. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips, tricks, and guide for gamers, let's visit our website.

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