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Pokemon Neo X and Y are 3DS Rom Hack's of Pokemon X and Y. In this series, I will be playing the Pokemon Neo Y version of this hack, which brings lots of fun and crazy changes to the table! Gba Rom Hack Pokemon X And Y. Pokemon X Hack Rome. Download Pokemon Diamond (Hack) ROM for Gameboy Color (GBC) and Play Pokemon Diamond (Hack) Video Game on. Download Pokemon Shiny Gold Version GBA-Hack Links: All links here are uploaded via megaupload, mediafire, rapidshare, hotfile, freakshare, oron, enterupload, depositfiles, zshare and multiupload.

Pokemon Neo Y - Pokemon Neo X and Y Playthrough 3DS ROM HACK - Subscribe for more! Pokemon Neo X and Y are 3DS Rom Hack's of Pokemon X and Y. In this series, I will be playing the Pokemon Neo Y version of this hack, which brings lots of fun and crazy changes to the table!

Download Pokemon Diamond (Hack) ROM for Gameboy Color(GBC) and Play Pokemon Diamond (Hack) Video Game on your PC, Mac, Android or iOS device! Best Pokemon SoulSilver ROM download hack for the US available on Mac as well.Pokemon SoulSilver ROM can easily qualify as one of the most challenging RPGs out there. A little RPG experience can work wonders, but just like any other game, this one has its challenges.

Gba Rom Hack Pokemon X And Y

Pokemon Shiny Gold X (Hack) ROM Download for Gameboy Advance / GBA - CoolROM.com. Pokemon Shiny Gold X (Hack) ROM Download for Gameboy Advance / GBA - CoolROM.com. 'Pokemon ROM Hacks - Imgur' Pokemon Sapphire Gameboy Advance by Socrates Snupps. Pokemon Sapphire Version galleryhip.com The Hippest.

Overall, I'm HYPED to start this series, it's going to be a BLAST going back to Kalos with all of these changes. I list all of the changes made in this Pokemon Y 3DS rom hack below, be sure to read them, because there are quite a few:) As mentioned, this hack of Pokemon Y (Pokemon Neo Y) brings lots of changes!

Here are some of the changes, as listed on the hacks site, which is sourced down below. Tell me what you think of the changes down in the comments section below, I'd love to hear what you think of this 3DS rom hack of Pokemon Y! - A more consistent but much harder level curve to greatly increase difficulty - Many trainers now have a greater amount of Pokemon with custom movesets, higher IVs and items - Gym leaders have been significantly upgraded. The get progressively tougher in terms of amount of Pokemon, IVs, Mega-Evolution, movesets and items - There are a greater number of rotation, double and triple battles - All 721 Pokemon now available in one playthrough. All areas now offer much greater variety - All previously unavailable Pokemon are now included - Eg; Rattata - Most Pokemon now have easy access to their Hidden abilities. Pokemon who had comparatively non-beneficial abilities have been given a new set entirely - Many Pokemon have had their stats slightly edited to make them comparatively viable; Some have also had their typing edited Eg; Golduck is now Water/Psychic - A lot of Pokemon have had their level up moveset edited to either match that of ORAS or improve those who didn't have a great moveset to begin with A few moves themselves have been edited. Disarming voice and Bubble/bubblebeam are now Physical moves because the game severely lacked physical moves for Water and Fairy Pokemon making them useless in the beginning of the game.

Pokemon X and Y Review by: - 7/10 Not the best hack. I decided to try this game out after reading a review about it. I thought the review was a little harsh at first, but then I realized that the review was actually pretty accurate (though still a little harsh in it's ratings). Here is what I have to say about Pokemon X and Y. Overview: Pokemon X and Y is a hack of Pokemon Emerald that adds in Pokemon from the Kalos region. From the title you would think that it is similar to the actual X and Y 3DS games.

The things that change in this hack are the graphics, the Pokemon that are available, the story (sort of, not really though), the map (for lack of a better word. Basically the world and where everything is and how it is set up), and some other things. The major changes are the graphics and the Pokemon available in the game.


Graphics: This was a tough category to rate, for me. The graphics look really nice. They kind of look similar to the graphics in Light Platinum. They are definitely a step up from the old Emerald graphics. They definitely look more like something you would find in a DS game than something you would find in a Game Boy Advance game. They only problem is, there are graphical glitches. Lots of them.

You can see just by looking at the screenshots. Some of these glitches include a messed up door opening animation when you enter a building, being able to walk through signs, random things in random places, etc. So while the graphics do look really nice, the glitches make the game unappealing. Sound: From what I can tell, the sound does not change at all from the original Emerald music and sound effects. It does not use the music from Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, like you might expect. That being said, I like the music in Pokemon Emerald.

So I decided to rate it an 8. The Pokemon Emerald music is very nostalgic and brings back a lot of good memories. So while the music is not changed, it still sounds good. Addictiveness: How likely am I to play this game again? Very unlikely. It is not a very fun game to play. It is very similar to Pokemon Emerald, only really random and with a lot of glitches.

It is not a very addicting game at all. I wanted to play this game to at least halfway through before I review it, and I couldn't wait to get to the halfway point and never click the 'Play Game' button again. I also played Pokemon Light Platinum today and yesterday, and I actually ended up playing it for hours without realizing.

That is the difference between a good hack and a bad hack. I do not think that you will be hooked on this game. I know I definitely wasn't. Story: The story really doesn't change from the original Emerald storyline. You arrive at a new town, your dad actually exists unlike other Pokemon games, you go out on an adventure with your Pokemon and try to become the Pokemon Champion, while also defending the world from Team Aqua, who wants to flood it, and Team Magma, who wants to get rid of the water. I really shouldn't need to explain the story in depth here, as it is the same as Pokemon Emerald.

If you want a detailed explanation of the storyline, read my Pokemon Emerald review. Depth: The depth is no different than in Pokemon Emerald. No events were added or anything like that, no additional side quests, no new areas to explore, etc.

Pokemon X Hack Rome

Pokemon Emerald does offer a pretty good amount of things to do, which is why I gave this game a good rating for depth. But there is no additional depth that is not already in Pokemon Emerald.

Pokemon Gba Rom Hacks

Just the for the story, if you want more information about the depth, read my review of Pokemon Emerald. Difficulty: This game is very very easy. It is easy to obtain good Pokemon early on in the game, making the already easy Pokemon Emerald even easier. For example, you can catch a Torterra in Route 103. Lots of rare and powerful Pokemon are available, more than what is offered in the original Pokemon Emerald game. So it makes beating a bunch of Team Magma Poochyenas and Team Aqua Zubats that much easier. Not a hard game at all, and not recommended for people that like challenging games.

Well, not recommended AT ALL, but especially for people that want a challenge.:P Another thing that I want to add is that the learnset (the moves that a Pokemon can learn) for the Pokemon in this game are really messed up. They are no where near accurate, which really shocked me since learnsets are one of the easiest things to change. This just came across as lazy to me, because a quick Google search is all that would have been needed to get them right. I wasn't sure where to put this, so I just threw it in at the end here. Pokemon X and Y is a hack of Pokemon Emerald that really disappointed me. The idea of the game has a lot of potential, but this game does not live up to that potential. I feel as if the game is not done.

I mean the graphics look good and the new sprites look good, but I feel like the hacker gave up after that, instead of changing the storyline and stuff too. I do not recommend playing this game, unless you are making a Pokemon hack of your own and are looking for a good example of what not to do. Thanks for reading my review! Please let me know what you think. Any comments are welcome, even if they are negative. Negative comments are my favorite actually, because they make me a better writer!

Anyway, if you liked my review please go to the Pokemon X and Y game page and rate it for me! See you next time! Graphics 8 Sound 8 Addictive 5 Depth 8 Story 5 Difficulty 5.

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