Let’s start with describing the advantages of my maths hack;

A ll right then. Your first step in making my-maths easy is: Opening up Google chrome and going to mymaths. Login to your school and then your portal. Then open up the activity that you want the answers to and click f12. Then, when the coding box appears on your screen, click the elements button. Somewhere in the coding, it will say gold. My Maths Helper 5.0.9600.17415 (latest) See all. My Maths Helper is a browser extension that helps you do homework on www.mymaths.co.uk. This extension will let you check your answers before submitting them. When the homework has loaded click the icon. My Maths Helper was in no way designed so that you could hack mymaths; doing so only affects. Pastebin.com is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time.


Skill building; mymaths crack can help you in polishing and developing your numerical abilities. It provides you online classes, mathematical video games and booster packages which when tried frequently helps you in getting more knowledge related to math.

Confidence developing; Having the ability to resolve all your mathematical issues yourself gives you a feeling of accomplishment and accomplishment. It makes you more confident and drives you to resolve much more problems yourself. You receive the confidence that you could actually do it and you will be able to do more by yourself.

Time saving; mymaths crack is a big time saver, it makes you more effective. If you are trapped at some point and you don’t know what’s the next phase, with my maths crack you don’t have to wait around for any friend’s help or you do not have to ruin your whole time waiting around for some idea to just randomly click on in your head. It saves you from huge frustration and makes you more quick and efficient. All you have to do is simply download My Maths Hack. Obtaining an ambiguity, my maths hack can there be for the assist, just a click away.

Improve effectiveness; My maths hack helps you in attaining proper solutions and solutions for your raises, improve and concerns your choice and ability creating abilities. Thus decreasing the detaining price and improving the performance.

Possible methods to hack my maths homework solutions and assignments

Here are identified some good points that will give you some help to crack your maths homework and facilitates you by offering answers to your questions really successfully and efficiently. It will likewise give you advantage to use all the accessible features.


  1. The initial stage is to open the sign in web page; here get the first question completed.
  1. Enter the particular JavaScript code like -/”, javascript notify, get variable (‘Question no 1’) “in the deal with bar.
  1. If you are completed getting into the specific set of scripts, then move on to copying the given solutions to your word record or be aware mat or where ever you would like to keep your answers.
  1. Enter the replicated solution in to the answer box, ensuring that the content has been entered in order.
  1. In order to the following question , repeat this exact same process over again, simply make changes in the java set of scripts program code and enter adjustable name as question no 2.

JavaScript program code

Simply by following the aforementioned steps you can easily get the assignment done in no time.

Solving numerical issues with this service supplier is not a challenging task; the secret for you to get the right and correct answers is to enter the JavaScript program code correctly. Utilizing normal coupons or even the famous checkout codes will block the web site for you personally; my maths hack is really a extremely secured website. It really has been built and developed to help its subscribers only. To get the required solutions first obtain the proper JavaScript code, no short slashes allowed.

MyiMaths Hack - Solution/Answers Generator
*Updated 18/1/2018*

Last Updated: 18/1/2018

Some of YOU may be skeptical. So I CHALLENGE YOU, if this turns out to be a virus I will personally PayPal you $100. All you have to do is take a screenshot as proof and you will receive a reward. I hope this indicates that this isn't some virus.
Let me just repeat myself.
I've seen other 'Hacks' or 'Cheats' they are all either fake or a virus, so I decided to make my own that is completely free and east to use. I've spent a long time creating this website and software, so after you get it working and have received your solutions, please share with friends. I will constantly update the software so that it is very efficient. It may take a couple of seconds to load the answers link. This is again due to the randomness of the solutions. Please don't share this with teachers or anyone who may want to remove this. I want this to last for as long as possible so that the most people can benefit from it :) It is simple, there's really nothing to it. The custom made algorithm is stored within the .exe file and all you have to do is select the activity you need help with. There is NO REQUEST for you to enter your username and password because we have no need for them. It will generate the link for you to download which will contain the .txt file with your desired solutions.Hack
Congratulations and Enjoy Yourself.

Version 3.2 Update - 18/1/2018
- Bug fixes
- 2 Activities Added
- New Solution formula added
- Unblocker added
- Ads removed :)

Here is what it looks like if you want to know.
Step 1:
Download the Solution Generator from the link above.
The download on MediaFire

This may seem weird when it pops up, but because it is an .exe file that I personally made and it isn't registered under any company, Windows assumes that it may be harmful. Don't worry, nothing will happen and remember that if anything bad happens, you will receive $100.
This pop-up will appear

Step 3:

Now run it and select the activity you need help with.
After you have selected them to allow it to generate the link which may take a couple of seconds.

Step 4:

Download the .txt file from the link it generated which will contain all the solutions.
An example you may receive. Former Customer's answers.

Some of you may want proof that this isn't a virus, so here it is:

Mymaths Hack New 2017

Virus Scan from VirusTotal

Q: What happens if the answers are wrong?

Mymaths Hack Download Windows 10

A: Try and download this software again, due to the randomness a few attempts may be necessary.
Q: Why does it say 'Unknown Source' when I try to open it?

A: It is because the file isn't made by a corporation with it's own legal documentation which it can store in a Xv6 Key stored within the .exe file that Windows will pick up.

Q: Why did you make this?

A: I thought it was a pain when I had to do it for homework, so I decided to try to find a cheat for it.

Q: My homework isn't on the list, can you help?

A: This has happened a few times. Sometimes teachers make their own homework's and for that I cannot help you. We are very sorry :*(

Q: What is the secret image that pops up?

A: It is something that only the elite will fully understand :)

Q: Will downloading it affect my PC?

A: Not at all. We have done multiple virus scans and nothing has happened.

Q: Is it a virus?

A: No! You can scan it yourself!

Q: Why is it free?

A: Because I believe that everybody has the right to homework answers xD

Q: Can you get caught?

A: No!

Q: Is it considered cheating?

A: No, consider it a helping hand.

Q: How often does it get updated?

A: It gets updated every 2-3 weeks.

MyiMaths is a fully interactive, online learning website for Secondary students aged 11-18. Used by 4 million learners in over 70 countries, MyiMaths is trusted by teachers around the world to strengthen results and engagement. Written by practising mathematics teachers, MyiMaths continually listens to teachers and responds to their needs. MyiMaths has evolved over the years so that it now offers everything you need to teach effective mathematics lessons for all ages and abilities. Interactive lessons, worksheets and mathematical games are linked to a powerful Assessment Manager system that allows you to track progress effectively.

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This is a project I made for school, nothing on here should be taken seriously.
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