Today, Our team present to you our Metin2 Multibot, this is a Multihack and a Levelbot together.
  1. Metin2 Hack Mod Pl Download Free
So go ahead , Download , read instruction and hack Metin2 .

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And Read Description Below...
It has both Level-and Multihack functions.
Features - Levelbot:
- Pottbot(Potts will be automatically searched)
- Skillbot with adjustable time
- Auto Attack(Char is running to mobs and hitting them)
- MobPuller (with adjustable time, or with hotkey (F10))
- PickUp
- Restart here
Features - Multi-Hack:
- Speed Hack(without being teleportet back)
- Attackspeed
- Attackrange
- Weapon-Hold
- Combo
- OneHit-Hack
- Wallhack
- Zoomhack
- NoFog
- MobOnClick
Instructions :
1) Download the package with the injector and dll.
2) Unzip the package somewhere.
3) Start the injector and drag the dll on the form
4) Inject the dll into Metin
5) Choose your settings and have fun
6) Dont let you catch by GMs

Metin2 Hack Mod Pl Download Free

Description of Functions:

PottBot (red + blue pots):
Your character will use every x seconds 1 pott. The bot looks for the potts itself in the inventory.
Every x seconds your character uses a skill. Possible Keys: 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Restart here:
Once your character is dead, it automatically restarts here.
Your character will pick up anything on the ground and in his range.
GM Detector:
Once a GM is in near, a warning and an annoying beep will appear.
Auto attack
Your character attacks just as if you would press the space bar.
Mobs Attack:
Your character runs to the nearest mob and attacks them.
Attack without moving:
Your character attacks just as if you would press the space bar, but without moving.
Pull mobs 1x:
Pulls all the mobs near you one time. You can do this also with F10.
Pull one mob every x ms:
Always pulls one mob every x milliseconds. Recommended value: 100 - 150.
Walk Speed/Attack Speed/Attack Range:
Your character runs/hits faster. Value not recommended higher than 16600. Otherwise kiks.
Your character hits 2 times more per round.
Weapon hold:
Determines how your character holds his weapon.
You can teleport yourself. Teleport hotkeys: Home, End, Delete, PageDown
Your character can walk through everything.
Zoom Hack / NoFog:
You can zoom infinitely out./There is no fog at all.
All mobs that you right click will attack you.
UpItem Normal:
The item of slot 1 will be upped, regargless where you are.
If you are at the DT-Blacksmith, Regardless of the blacksmith, you can up everything.
Run to nearest Metin:

Your character runs to the nearest Metin and attacks it.

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