Krrish is an ever-running sidescroller, based on many previous parkour games, in which you play the role of the Indian masked hero dashing through the roofs, dodging and taking down soldiers, and climbing walls and double-jumping all day long. So far, a pretty standard Vector-like game, with above average animations.


This game also brings some extremely new interesting features aside from the so called story mode. You actually run against an other player, either controlled by an online human or the AI, and you get extra points for overtaking him or her and, of course, for reaching the goal in the first place. You can play as Krrish, Kaya or Frogman.

On the other hand, only one flaw, though quite critical: touch response is awful and design is misleading. It's hard to know when you can or must jump and where you're going to fall or wouldn't do it, so races become an annoying trial and error. This wouldn't be a problem at all if controls were more responsive: there's nothing worse than swiping up to jump and see how Krrish-man ignores you and falls into the gap between two skyscrappers.

Anyway, an interesting game, if only to see what's going own in the high-end part of Indian videogaming industry.

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Download Krrish 3: The Game 1.5.0 for Android. Official Krrish game. Bollywood s own masked hero. Krrish is an ever-running sidescroller, based on many previous parkour. Nov 18, 2013 Krrish 3 The Game FREE DOWNLOAD. KRRISH 3: THE OFFICIAL GAME FROM THE MOST ANTICIPATED BLOCKBUSTER OF 2013. Get ready to relive the superhero life, perform breathtaking stunts and use state of the art gadgets & weapons to take down your enemies. Join KRRISH in his epic battle against EVIL as he faces off KAAL & FROGMAN to save.

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