Welcome to fulhack.org. On this site you will find someof my hobby projects. Feel free to browse around but rememberthat you are fully responsible for any and all actions you takeusing information and/or code or hardware from this site.Basically: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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I do not guarantee that anything you find on this sitewill be completely bug-free. In fact, I don't guaranteethat anything will run, or even compile, at all.

However, everything you find on this site is here becauseit solved a problem for me and as such it also 'worked for me'.With any luck, it will for you too!

Projects marked with (SW) are Sofware projects, which meansthat no electronics or hardware is involved.

Projects marked with (HW) are Hardware projects, which meansthat electronics are involved. Essentially, these are projectswhere I have actually built an actual thing.

Some projects are marked as both HW and SW, which of coursemeans that they contain both hardware and software. This usuallyindicates projects that consist of an actual thing, but where thisthing requires software/PC support to be able to operate properly.

These are the projects:

NerdClock (HW/SW)(Removed)
NerdClock is a clock for nerds. It shows the time in BCD format using RGB LEDs.To increase the nerdfactor even more you can also connect to it via Bluetoothto set parameters such as individual colors for each LED.An Android companion app is also available!

OHTerm is a terminal program for serial port (RS232) communication with a unique (I think) feature set.

BBTimer (HW)(Removed)
BBTimer is a simple RTC (real time clock) application running on an ATMEL ATMega48.The purpose of the thing is to help out when playing the Games Workshop game Blood Bowl.

WorkTimer (HW)(Removed)
WorkTimer is a simple RTC (real time clock) application running on an ATMEL ATMega48.The purpose of the thing is to work as kind of stop watch, but counting the time worked in industry minutes(one industry minute is 1/10 of an hour 6 minutes).

iScoringTower (HW/SW)(Removed)
iScoringTower is a LED array (5x 32x8 dot matrix LED displays) used as a scoring tower for iRacing.Apart from being used as a scoring tower, it can also show the current time when iRacing is not running.

iLightMyShift is an alternative driver for the M-SPEC shiftlight and can also be used stand-alone as ashift-tone app for iRacing.

iAppStarter is a utillity program used to start other applications whenever iRacing starts.

AtmegaUsb (HW)(Removed)
AtmegaUsb is an Eagle project for a PCB that can be used together with v-usb to get low-speedUSB support from the standard ATmega family of microcontrollers through software.

Iracing Tire Hack

Retrodapter (HW)(Removed)
Retrodapter is a HID-compliant adapter (built around an ATMega88) that lets youconnect your old retro gamepads (NES, SNES, Atari, Master System, MD/Genesis, ...)to your PC via USB.

Boxster (HW)(Removed)
Boxster is a HID-compliant USB gamepad supporting up to 18 buttons, built around an ATMega88.My intended use for it is as a button box for use with racing simulators such as iRacing, butit can be used for any game that can use a gamepad.

Darth Väder (HW/SW)(Removed)
Darth Väder is a simple weather station project (the swedish word väder means weather).On these pages you can see some graphs of some weather data that has been collected in an indoor environment (my desk).More information and files will be added when/if the project gets closer to a somewhat finished state.

VocaTestNET is a GUI-based vocabulary tester written in C#.

TVrecord is a very simple (bash script) frontend to MEncoder thatdoes one thing only: it uses your TV tuner card to record TV.

Fotofix is a bash script that gives you a quick'n'easy wayto keep track of your digital photos. The emphasis of thisscript is to allow you to build your albums fast and withouthassle and still produce well-designed albums in pure, clean html.

Iracing Grip Hack Download

Iracing Dirt Grip Hacks Downloads

VocaTest is a small and simple vocabulary tester writtenin C++. It's got a command-line based interface and no GUI.

Cheating In Iracing

/Olof Holmgren [[email protected]]
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