Spectral is one of those cheats that are not obsolete and are used even today. For today it is still the same first version with bug fixes and a more customized interface. You get about 30 hacks for Minecraft PE running under Blocklauncher. They are supported by any servers up to version 1.14, provided that there is no anti-cheat. In fact, Spectral Cheat is more suited to admins who want better control over their server.How To Download Hacks On Minecraft 1.12

Thanks for watching this tutorial on how to install Impact hacked client. Impact Installation Link: Seems lik. LINKS-Website for Wurst: download: server: https://disc. Inertia Cheat Client 1.16.5 1.15.2 1.14.4 1.12.2 Only registered users can download cheats. Inertia Minecraft is a cheat client modification for minecraft that contains more than 120 different functions, many of which are full-fledged cheats and can give you a huge advantage in battles, when moving or searching for useful resources.

By: Spectral

What's new?

The first version contains the familiar AimAura and Hitboxes with custom settings. This is just the beginning of a list that includes QSwitcher for your hotbar, TP Auras, HitAim, speed settings, slide, insta structures and more.


An important feature of Spectral Cheat is its lightweight interface. Open it in the upper left corner of the screen to access all the tabs. Each of them affects the player, the world and the cheat itself.
Some of the features can be customized to your liking. The interface also allows you to move the windows by pinning them on the screen.How to download hack clients for minecraft 1.12
Below you can download both the complete js cheat and the modpkg version for BlockLauncher.

How to install the Spectral Cheat?

How To Download Hacks On Minecraft 1.12 1.12.2

1. Download the hack and the suitable version of BlockLauncher
2. Open BL and select ModPE.
3. Activate the cheat and restart the game.

Download Spectral Cheat for Minecraft PE (JS)
Download Spectral Cheat for Minecraft PE (Modpkg)

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How To Download Hacks Minecraft 1.12.2

Free Minecraft Hack Client 1.12.2

Author's Readme/Notes
Cool free cheat LiquidBounce MultiHack on Minecraft 1.12.2 and other versions. The cheat is currently up-to-date and without a ban. All functions are controlled using a convenient menu. There are all the necessary features for a successful game in Minecraft. For example, there are settings for fun, ESP settings, Antibot settings, settings for combat, settings for player movement, and of course settings for the whole world. In General, the cheat is multifunctional, download and test the features personally. At the moment, the cheat is invisible and you will not get a ban for using it.
upload the file to the mods folder in the minecraft folder (AppDataRoaming.minecraftmods)
Tested on version 1.12.2 works fine
It may also work on other versions of the game
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