20XX 4.07 Complete Cheat Sheet With All Shortcut Keys. I found a few cheat sheets out there that were either for other versions, or didn't have everything like CSS commands. Here is the complete list of 20XX 4.07 Key Combos. Every Direction is done with DPAD. 1 point 5 years ago. Yes, you can install homebrew on a family edition, but there aren't any gamecube controller ports and no way to play gamecube games. Technically, Nintendont can launch the games, but the wii tries to default to a gamecube controller, and can't find it. I've heard that they were trying to get GC games to work with a wii.

A very fast and descriptive guide for hacking a Wii! I've been meaning to make a video on how to hack a Wii for a while now and here it is! If you have any q. He has a guide on modding your Wii to get Gecko codes to work on it. Homebrew, in a Wii sense, is like a general term for things that can run on your Wii only after hacking it. Gecko is referring to the type of codetype these codes are created in. Ocarina (which you'll see in the guide) is what runs Gecko codes via a homebrew application. Here's the fun part! Put your SD card into your Wii U and boot that bad boy up. Head over to the Wii Menu / Wii partition and navigate/open your new Homebrew Channel. Using your Wiimote, select Nintendont from the available apps. Once it's done booting up, select your ISO from the list. You should be booting up into Melee/20XX now!!!!

(I made a video for this so scroll down to watch it!)

Q: Why get 20XX?

A: Because it's a training hack pack of melee that lets you use a 'debug menu' to assist in your training. You can turn things such as 'blink red when fail to L-Cancel' on and it really helps you get in the mindset of a competitive player. If you CAN get it, do it because it helps A TON if you want to get good at melee.

Hello there! If you're ambitious and would love to get 20XX on your Wii without a memory card and a melee disk, congrats! I would recommend copy and pasting this to an email or a google doc because you will need to use a computer. Take notice that you WILL NEED homebrew on your wii already installed before you can do this. (Homebrew isn't hard to get, all you need is an internet connection, a wii, a computer, and an sd card)

If you would like a text form instead of video form of how to get homebrew, check out Free's Post.

Step 1: download 'nintendont'

- nintendont is a homebrew emulator for gamecube games.

- copy the games folder to the root of your sd card. Copy the folder called 'Nintendont' to the apps folder located on the root of your sd card. If you do not have an apps folder already on your sd card, make one and put the 'Nintendont' folder inside of it.


Step 2: Download 20XX ISO

- Use the link I have provided in the description below to download the 20XX ISO.

- The file is around 1.6 gigs, which is a lot for your 2 gb sd card. So make sure to make space. Notice that most emulators will allow you to load roms from usb devices, so not all roms or ISO's need to be stored on your sd card.

How To Download 20xx Wii No Hacks Game

- Once your ISO is downloaded, move it to the GAIL01 folder provided for you from the nintendont application. MAKE SURE to RENAME your 20XX ISO to 'Game.iso' MAKE SURE to make it a capital G.

- Please note that this ISO is an older version of 20XX and is not 20XX TE. It cannot save replays. If you wish to get 20XX TE, search it up yourself. Press L and R to switch to alternate skins.

- Link: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B1OPJnd0QQbyLXNLblZOdjVxenM&usp=drive_web

How To Download 20xx Wii No Hacks Games

Step 3: Loading ISO's from USB

- every time you load nintendont up, it will let you decide whether you want to load an ISO from your sd card, or a usb flash drive/ hard drive. To load games from usb make sure to have a 'games' folder and a 'GAIL01' folder inside of it. you can only have one ISO selected at a time to choose from when you upload it to nintendont. If you still wish to store multiple ISO's you can put literally ANYWHERE and it will not affect nintendont. Just make sure to rename each ISO 'Game.iso' every time you want to play it.

Step 4: starting to play 20XX

- Boot up your wii, insert your sd card, and enter the homebrew channel. you will notice a new app on your homebrew menu if you followed all of the steps correctly. Load the nintendont app and select either sd or usb depending on where your 20XX ISO is located.

How To Download 20xx Wii No Hacks Free

- You will see text sporting the name 'Super Smash Bros. Melee', but don't click 'A' yet. First you have to click 'B', and you will see an arrangements of options but you will want to go down to 'Memcard Emulation'. Click 'on'. This will allow you to save tags instead of having to re-enter it every time, and save your debug menu options.

NOW click 'A' on the 'Super Smash Bros. Melee' ISO. It will take a while for some code to boot up the game and the screen will go black for a few seconds, but eventually you will hear 'Survival!' and 20XX will be successfully emulated.

- Note: You WILL need to use a gamecube controller to play, I mean, duh. - But if you feel you're done playing 20XX, to exit you will have to turn off your wii. I think the fastest and most efficient way to do this is to unplug the power cord and plug it back in.

How To Download 20xx Wii No Hacks

- You will notice a new folder on your sd card called 'saves'. Keep it. Don't delete it because that is your 20XX memory card.

- Step 5: Please like and follow me on both smashboards and smash amino!

- Link: http://smashboards.com/members/ergic0.361897/

If you would like to email me any problems you are having or just want to email me: [email protected]

How To Get 20XX On Your Wii (Homebrew, Nintendont)
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