When you set up a gaming PC there are certain things you need for a satisfactory gaming experience.

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You may be a little worried about whether the computer hardware that you plan to use when you set up a gaming PC will hold up against the rest in that upcoming online competition that not only yields cash or prizes but will gain your gamer notoriety if they place well.

Heck, someday your gamer might end up on a pro team where top sportsbooks list their odds against other top players in the world. But, before they get there, they’ve got to put their best foot forward.

And that means grinding out practice, practice, practice, and having decent enough gear that they’re not starting with a massive technological disadvantage.

When you set up a gaming PC having the technology and gadgets to get your kid to a gaming level where they can be competitive is a process.

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These steps will get you started.

How to Set Up a Gaming PC

High Internet Speed for Gaming

So, your connectivity isn’t necessarily ‘hardware,’ but the single most important thing for competitive online gaming is your internet and WiFi. You need blazing download and upload speeds when you set up a gaming PC so that you don’t fall victim to lag or freezing due to poor bandwidth.

For most, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using Comcast Xfinity, Verizon Fios, or AT&T Fiber. Just make sure that you’re not trying to game on that uber-budget cable/internet bundle. All of the main service providers have plans around $50.00 per month with around 250Mbps.

So as long as you don’t have you, mom and little brother, both streaming movies while you’re grinding away at your favorite game, it should be plenty to keep you lag-free.

If you know that you are going to have family members sucking up the bandwidth, then you might want to get a plan with at least 400Mbps.

Strong WiFi Connection for Your Gaming PC

WiFi is another major consideration. If you are not always going to be able to be plugged in through your ethernet cable, you’re going to need to make sure that your computer can handle the high-speed data transfers and the stock WiFi card usually won’t.

It doesn’t matter how fast your internet is if your laptop or desktop can’t process the incoming info. You could go with a high-end internal WiFi card, but for less than $50.00 on Amazon, you can get the dual band NET-DYN Wireless WiFi USB Adapter (5GHz & 2.4 GHz) capable of 867Mbps/300Mbps.

This little USB stick will give your gaming laptop or even desktop that extra oomph that it needs so that you never buffer or lag during gameplay again!

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On the Subject of WiFi. If you are planning on doing a lot of wireless gaming sessions, it’s a good idea to up your wireless router quality. Gaming routers can run well into the $300.00 range and up, but the best value is the D-Link EXO AC2600 Wi-Fi router.

It’s a 4×4 Dual Band unit that makes 4k Streaming and Gaming a breeze for just $139.00.


Communication for Pro Level Gaming

You need to be able to hear your enemies and communicate effectively with your teammates. So we recommend that you don’t skimp on your headset when you set up a gaming PC.

So, let’s trust German engineering to inform us when someone is creeping up behind us and give clear, non-garbled verbal commands to our team.

Sennheiser has been a trusted name in recording studios worldwide for decades, and now they have converted their fantastic audio expertise to gaming with their Gaming headset, Sennheiser GAME ONE.

Ultra-clear sound quality with intuitive volume control, interchangeable cables for connectivity to multiple platforms and plush, form-fitted comfort for hours of play, you won’t find a better headset for the price.

Sennheiser even made this unit partially open-backed like their music mastering monitors to help avoid ear fatigue. Yay! Good thinking!

Mechanical Switches for Setting Up a Gaming PC

If you are still plunking on a stock keyboard when setting up your gaming PC, you’re not doing yourself any favors. The Razor BlackWidow Chroma V2 is ultra-responsive and even comes with a wrist rest to help you stay ergonomic and comfortable for hours on end.

The keyboard comes with a free USB port, and it’s built to last. Each key is designed to take up to 80,000,000 key-strokes! The layout is great, with five extra easy-access keys and of course, backlit for those long night sessions!

Being a gamer can be fun but not knowing what you need when you set up a gaming pc can be stressful. If you follow this list you are guaranteed to have everything you need and that means one less thing to stress about!

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Alternatively, invest in a powerful gaming laptop that is built to provide ultimate performance and speed to suit all your gaming needs.! Be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post on our favorite tech, gear and games.

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