Xdolte – Flash Funds, Debit card hacking application Posted on by XDOLTE Inc Xdolte is a powerful bank hacking application for flash funds, debit/credit card Carding, OTP bypass,otp Diversion and Anonymous Transfer. Adobe has released the final Flash Player update on December 8, 2020 after it announced that it would stop supporting Flash about three years ago. Support ends on December 31, 2020 officially and Flash support will be removed in many products, including web browsers that ship with Flash components or support Flash integration shortly thereafter. Download RotMG flash file. Download run flash projector or your player. Download 059 cheat hack client for RotMG. Download 059 RotMG cheat hack client. Download run flash projector or your player. Download Flash Projector. Download the Flash Player projector. Download run flashplayer32sa.exe (its projector, not basic flash player. Download Rating: 3.5, Quality: Uncertain. Flash Hacker.rar: This website provides a free file hosting service for blogs and forums.


  • Supported ECMs/Vehicles


Flashhack is a free tool for reprogramming certain GM ECMs through the diagnostic port. It will allow you to tune your engine quickly and safely with a minimum chance of failure.

This tool replaces EEHack’s built in flash tool for LT1 engines and is intended to support many other ECMs in the future.

Flash Hacker Download

Supported ECMs/Vehicles

LT1 (EE) 1994-1995

LT1 and L99 engines. 16188051, 16181333. Well supported and tested on all vehicles including corvettes. Can handle nearly all possible failure scenarios without bricking, usually handles ECM power failure as well. Also includes bin format converter tool.

V6 P66 1993-1995

3100 and 3.4L engines. Should work with 16172693, 16184164, 16184737, 16196397. Should recover from failure as long as you keep the ECM powered up, will not tolerate ECM power failure.


The current version should run well on Windows 7, Windows 10, or Linux.

This program doesn’t have an installer. Windows users should just extract the zip file somewhere and run flashhack.exe

If you are updating the program, you should probably delete the old folder and completely replace it with the new version to be safe. Please check back for updates frequently.

The full source code is included.


Flashhack’s main goal is maximum stability and speed, and seamless error recovery, making it very unlikely that you could permanently brick an (old and rare) ECM due to a malfunction.

I’ve tested the following failure scenarios many times with an LT1 and recovered the ECM with no issues:

  • Cut power to the programmer (laptop) at any point in a flash
  • Unplug the USB cable from the programmer at any point in the flash
  • Unplug the ALDL cable from the vehicle at any point in the flash

The worst case if something goes wrong should be restarting the program and writing again. The program is designed so there are no special procedures for recovering from a problem, you can simply click the flash write button as normal and it should recover.

Flashhack is designed for modern computers. Unlike other programs that make you afraid to touch anything while reprogramming, you can go ahead and browse the web or play a game while your tune is uploading.

Certain platforms have more safety features in place, for example the LT1 has a special “recovery rom” that is installed to allow the ECM to boot seamlessly even after a total power failure or major malfunction. There is only an approx. 7 second window during which this recovery rom is not yet functional, making bricking an LT1 incredibly unlikely.

Programming speed is the biggest issue in most reflash programs, as tuning often requires many attempts to test changes and make the best decisions. These old diagnostic ports have fairly slow communication speed, and flashing can take quite a long time, especially with a poor interface. Luckily we have several hacks and procedures to us to speed up the reflash operation. The largest speed increases involve avoiding writing in regions that do not have to be written. When a flash chip is erased, every byte is set to FF, so areas intended to be FF are already in the correct state after an erase. Flashhack abuses this whenever possible, even going as far as detecting when certain tables are used and skipping them when they are not.

In the case of multi-chip ECMs, we use methods to determine which chips need to be changed by remembering the data from your last successful flash, which can provide a massive overall speed (and safety) increase.


Xdolte is a powerful bank hacking application for flash funds, debit/credit card Carding, OTP bypass,otp Diversion and Anonymous Transfer,

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Before we begin to tutor you on this powerful bank account hacking application we must bring to your knowledge that Studies Has Shown That Hackers Steal Up To $1B from More than 100 different Banks. You can Check below Video.

  • SOURCE:cnn.com – youtube.com

More than 15% of these Hackers Uses Xdolte Bank Hacking Software while others uses manual methods which seem to be more risky and time consuming.

xdolte.org is a PC and Mobile software Designed Purposely for Four different Functions:

  • Stay Anonymous
  • Steal Credit Card Details
  • Withdraw From Stolen Cards
  • Send Fake Bank Credit Alerts


Our System Allow Anyone to remain anonymous while doing the illegal deals and activities With this application, Your Identity will be totally masked.

xdolte.org Gives You 200 different static IP addresses to remain anonymous. Which means, before you log into your work station, you only need to select and activate any of these anonymous locations and you are good to go.


There are many Ways to Steal Credit/debit card details, But xdolte is an advanced and Globally used Bank Hacking software which makes it all easy to get Credit/debit card details of any bank account provided you have the bank name, Account holder name, and Account number.

With these few Details, our software Whois the Account Database and Display the Credit card number, Card CVV, expiry date and Card pin and Bank Verification Number (BVN)

This Software will only work when the account owner have Credit or debit card linked with their account, otherwise there’s no success Hacking into their accounts. However, (the success rate is high because many account holders have cards connected with their banks from our observations and studies)

Flash Hacker Download Windows 10


After Getting the card details, the most important thing is getting your Balance in cash without Trace.

Xdolte is Coded with Three Different anonymous and DarkWeb Websites where you will use these card details to Buy Bitcoins or perfect Money and get credited to your wallet instantly without any further identity verification.

Beside that, You can use Dolte Browser to access any online store irrespective of your country and make purchases successfully without OTP verification.

The Risky Cash withdrawal method: You can Use Xdolte to send and Transfer money from one bank to another without OTP. All you need is the card details of the victim/client which you can easily get through the use of xdolte software. (We can teach you the risks involved in this and how to pass them as Exclusively for xdolte users).


Xdolte works like Cardro Pro but more advanced because xdolte enables you send Fake Bank alert from any country irrespective of your location.

Xdolte Consists of Over 700 Banks from different countries with more than 1,000 Credit Bank Alert Templates/Formats which you can easily choose from and process your transfer.

Flash Hacking Download

The xdolte Fake Alert Goes instantly to Clients Devices and update their bank account balance depending on how much you sent. But the fake balance will be cleared after 24hrs. (all Xdolte Users will learn how to Cashout through fake alerts without trace).

In our Next Version of xdolte, We are looking forward to adding more Features in regards to bank Hacking and anonymous surfing. All xdolte users will be updated as usual.

Flash Hacker Download Free

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