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New Apps
  • Run & collect domino blocks and in the end flip them all
  • Teen Patti Bros is a popular and free Indian 3card poker game;
    Bros Games is a company focused on the development of local Indian games, based in India, providing online leisure and entertainment with the most gaming experience;
    The currently online version 1.1 provides 5 ways to play the Teen Patti game;
    1. The hottest gameplay of तीन पत्ती in Indian poker: TeenPatti Variations: a combination of six டீன் பட்டி gameplays, each time the winner of the previous game decides the gameplay of the game (choose one of six: 4X Boot, Lowest Joker, 999 , Muflis, AKE47, Joker), the public card of this game is exciting and varied, and it is very popular among Indian players;
    2. Lowest Joker কিশোর পট্টি, the smallest card in each player's hand is Joker;
    3.999 TeenPatti, 10 J Q K is 0, A-9 is 1-9 at a time, the largest number is combined in 3 cards, 999 is the largest;
    4. Muflis టీన్ పట్టి, reverse gameplay, variegated 235 is the largest, flush AAA is the smallest;
    5.AKE47 TeenPatti, fixed A, K, 4, 7 as joker in each round;
    Game benefits (how to get free chips):
    1. Register and get 1L free chips;
    2. Log in to the game every day, the highest reward is 1250CR free chips;
    3. The challenge system in the game, you can get the corresponding reward after completing the corresponding challenge;
    4. Lottery redemption system, random lottery tickets can be obtained in the game, and lottery tickets can be exchanged for free chips;
    5. Use the promotion code to invite friends to get free chip rewards;
    For more game benefits and how to play, please download the game experience
    Official Facebook Group
  • welcome to little nightmares 3 if you love to dance with little nightmares games then you will love this game it's very fun and time killing , little nightmares 3 games free games with dance hop Tiles is one among the foremost widespread little nightmares 3 games
    Best little nightmares Games for free Is a game of dance Hop .
    in this game you can instrument play piano with song melodies.
    Download and this game for fun
    No special skills needed for little nightmares Dance game with hop Tiles Piano Play all this game little nightmares 3 Dance songs asks of you is an attentive mind and fast fingers!
    this game can measure the speed of your finger, measured by this dance hop game, we make this game especially for you music lovers.
    You are little nightmares 3 games for free fun, will there be a little nightmares 3 you must try Dance tiles with a lot of songs. on this game you can play hop tiles with popular little nightmares Dance songs. many choice songs for you choice.
    How To Play:
    play Dance Tiles is very easy and simple to play. Tap on the black tiles, don't tap the white tiles to feel the hottest songs in music & piano keys.
    The game will stop if you miss the pink tiles or tap on white tiles. Be careful!
    - You can play offline mode! Enjoy the piano music tiles by yourself without internet interruption! Further, the game is also added new package which includes all new and great songs.
    - Awesome game design and graphics for the new piano games 2021. You will feel like you are playing a true magical classic music game made with expensive mahogany, whose rhythm is perfect for any music games lover.
    this Challenge is an unofficial fan game. It is not affiliated with or endorsed by
    his management or record label. This app does not include any copyrighted material. The piano music are arranged with individual piano notes, and the renditions of these songs are original and created by piano online. For educational and entertainment purposes only.
    Get Now Dance Tiles : little nightmares 3 games in your phone
    Enjoy Now Dance Tiles : little nightmares game in your phone
    Play Now Dance Tiles : mono little nightmares games in your phone
    we are sure you will love our game so make sure to give us a rating
    Have Fun !!
  • Archery game for one or two players! Be the master archer of the bow and arrow!
    Be an archer in this fun archery game. Shoot your arrows from your bow and be the master of the arena.
    Play a single player or two player versus mode and hit the bullseye before your opponent.
    If you're looking for fun archery games, give this bow and arrow game a go!
  • ☆Synopsis☆
    Your first job out of college is going well, but you just don't seem to be having much luck finding love in your life. But one day, you save a mysterious fortune teller from a group of delinquents. He tells your fortune to show his gratitude and he says that you'll soon meet three mysterious and beautiful girls...
    Soon after, you actually do meet these girls and hit it off well immediately! They invite you over to their house, but there you discover the 'mysterious' part that the fortune teller was talking about. They're secretly part animal!
    Your love life just took a stranger, but exciting new turn!
    Kat - The Courteous Cat
    Kind-hearted and also an excellent cook, this cat acts as the leader of the three animal girls. She's always looking out for the others, but being a cat, sometimes she just wants to snuggle with you in bed. When it comes to love though, she can be a bit of a tease...
    Sabrina - The Wild Wolf
    Sabrina's always full of energy and wants to be part of the action. She's quite a fighter as well and immediately takes interest in you. But being a wolf, she can be quite territorial and you'll definitely want to watch out to not steal her food!
    Rika - The Beautiful Bird
    Rika can be a little timid, but she is very polite and innocent. She loves nature and enjoys gardening as well as talking with birds using her powers. Will you be able to look out for this shy girl?
  • Town of Tides is a 2 hours adventure game experience... the game is more like an interactive visual novel than a rpg. After 'reading' this game, you will get the feeling of completing a book. The feeling you get can be love, friendship, sadness, loneliness ... depending on how you lived your life, you will get different feelings. I believe the beautiful retro pixel art gives you room for imagination...
    This is a tale of a man who got tired of living in the restless city and moved to a small town by the sea. What he experiences in the 'Town of Tides' changes him forever......
    In this game, there is no battles nor puzzles, but ... you will remember.
  • Play the most exciting high school sports festival in summer games which contain multiple games like high school running games, BMX cycle racing, high school swimming games, and anime girls fighting games all are free games. In athletics games, the most common type is track and field includes football games and basketball games in this summer sports high school life anime games for free.
  • BadBlades is an online PvP shooter where the room - is the danger.
    Avoid blades, shoot opponents and try to be the last one alive.
    Or die and become a saw yourself to bring vengeance to your enemies!
  • Just relax and play our easy game!
  • This mod can use Jackson or Eminem man and you have plenty effect waiting for you!
    This app is not a game, this is an app that can make you better understand, in friday night funkin,Micheal or tank you can also make different sounds through operations
    .Q:How to Vs ?!
    .A:You need to find your friends to play Jackson or Eminem and you can use the opposite role to play battle!!
  • A card game is any game using playing cards as the primary device with which the game is played, be they traditional or game-specific.
    Countless card games exist, including families of related games (such as poker). A small number of card games played with traditional decks have formally standardized rules with international tournaments being held, but most are folk games whose rules vary by region, culture, and person.
    A card game is played with a deck or pack of playing cards which are identical in size and shape. Each card has two sides, the face and the back. Normally the backs of the cards are indistinguishable. The faces of the cards may all be unique, or there can be duplicates. The composition of a deck is known to each player. In some cases several decks are shuffled together to form a single pack or shoe.
    Games using playing cards exploit the fact that cards are individually identifiable from one side only, so that each player knows only the cards they hold and not those held by anyone else. For this reason card games are often characterized as games of chance or “imperfect information”—as distinct from games of strategy or “perfect information,” where the current position is fully visible to all players throughout the game.[1] Many games that are not generally placed in the family of card games do in fact use cards for some aspect of their gameplay.
    Some games that are placed in the card game genre involve a board. The distinction is that the gameplay of a card game chiefly depends on the use of the cards by players (the board is simply a guide for scorekeeping or for card placement), while board games (the principal non-card game genre to use cards) generally focus on the players' positions on the board, and use the cards for some secondary purpose.
  • Discover your true love in this unique Romance Otome Game from Genius Inc!
    Even as a young girl, you've been able to see the demons that ordinary people can't. Your parents abandoned you. You were taken in by an orphanage run by the church, where you met a kind man. He became your foster father and you began to live with him in the countryside.
    Seventeen years later, you find a mysterious book in the basement. It's filled with strange letters and the last page is gone. You decide to leave it alone.
    That night, demons appear and attack you and your father. Your father fights back, but he's no match for the evil creatures. In that moment, three men in black uniforms show up and save you. The demons kidnap your father and disappear.
    The three men introduce themselves as exorcists, all members of the Crusaders of the Rose. They take you to the church, where the bishop suggests that you become an exorcist and utilize your ability to see demons. The bishop says, “If you help us, we'll help you find your father.”
    In order to find your father, you decide to become an exorcist and team up with three mysterious guys.
    Will you find your father?
    What's the secret behind that mysterious book?
    Who are these guys, and why did they become exorcists?
    Thus begins a dangerous romance with attractive exorcists!
    ◆The cool exorcist—Gilbert
    A cool and composed exorcist. He rarely shows his emotions and maintains a professional outlook toward his job, but sometimes he reveals a shy smile.
    ◆The brave exorcist-Brand
    A rough and manly young man with a lot of emotional baggage. He can be brusque, but passionate when you get to know him.
    ◆The mysterious exorcist-Ariel
    An enigmatic member of the order who was sent from the upper echelons. His seemingly-innocent actions often leave you confused and embarrassed. Always has a smile on his face.
  • kini hadir dan nikmati permainan truck simulator seru dengan grafis mumpuni mengantar logistik ke berbagai tempat anda bisa memilih truk sesuai dengan keinginan anda
    minimum system requirement
    > ram 4 gb atau lebih
    > proccesor 3,5 ghz
    > graphic menyesusaikan handphone anda
    fitur dalam permainan:
    > grafis 3d
    > simulator pertama truck oleng indonesia
    > grafik menyesuaikan dengan handphone anda
    > realistik truk
    > truk berbeda untuk mengemudi
    > day
    > truck costomization
    > kontrol yang sangat mudah
    > permainan online dan offline
    Download Sekarang juga dan nikmati truk simulator seru
  • Play through 40 minimalist levels and discover plenty of fun challenges. Try, die, retry, and learn how to go through each obstacle, even those which seem impossible!
    The goal is simple: collect all targets and avoid all the enemies.
    Vertical adventure is an arcade game fully designed for mobile gaming, play with one finger only, without virtual button and with a lot of freedom in the controls.
    You're going to discover a demanding and hard game, you are going to die and retry many times!
    Enjoy and have FUN!
    - Very unzipping background music
    - Reference times to beat on each level
    - A minimalist look, clean and mesmerizing
    - 3D interface, Smooth game experience.
    - Relaxing, intellectual and interesting - try it right now!
  • FREE Rap Francais song Infinity Rush Game for Android!
    Virtual games follow the rhythm of the music.
    Play Piano Tiles game with the best of Rap Francais song of the year.
    Stream your fingers to the beat of a real song and have lots of fun!
    Music game completely updated with modern songs!
    Rhythm Music Game
    Download now and unlock all the Rap Francais song you are currently listening to, for free!
    A very cute song with notes that sync with the song!
    Super music quality, use headphones for a better experience.
    List of song are:
    Dans l'espace-Gambi feat. Heuss L'enfoiré - New Francais rap 2021
    Dybala (Ludee Edit)-Maes ft. Jul - Best Francais Song 2021
    Khapta-Heuss L'enfoiré ft. Sofiane - Top Rap Francais 2021
    MD (YANISS Remix)-4Keus ft Niska - Popular Francais Song 2021
    and more
    Best hooked Rap Francais song music game.
    Fully personalized internal ranking, write your name and appear at the top of the list! You have a table for every difficulty of what if or if you show up!
    The interface is graphic and friendly for all ages
    Intuitive and easy to use
    Innovation and detail worth playing around with
    Become a music game player. Rap Francais song music game!
    In short, it is a game of music, rhythm and skill with many Rap Francais song, with style and aesthetics for all audiences!
    - - - To try it NOW friends, it's FREE! - - -
    Stay updated because we update songs !!
    -Listen and play with game music Rap Francais song!
  • Punchy Tank is an io arena-type battle game. The player controls a tank that has a rubber boxing glove instead of its main cannon. Hitting another opponent's tank (also with a boxing glove) head-on shoots the rubber glove and pushes the other tank away. The goal is to eliminate all opponent tanks by punching them out of the arena or down the holes in the map.
  • Entering the block be ready that everything around is spinning day and night. Enjoy it and try to win some coins with the lucky spins of yours.
  • Welcome to Special Ops Free Fire Battle Royale Survival Battleground. Show your skills free on mobile as a brave sniper player of free gun games. With top ff army games for survival join hands with your squad in this most exciting battle royal games. Your mission starts as you step on battleground in free mobile games with thrilling shooting games free modes. This game is all about best fps mobile games so don't let your gun fly away from you on battleground or survival will become challenging in these exciting battle royale category games. Defend your team from fire shooting with different fire weapons in gun games to when shots fired by fps enemy with shot guns. In shooting games for survival use guns like sniper of ff model that make these free shooter games exciting for players.
    This game is all about free gun games missions with best strike counter sniper shooting games. You are a lone man standing to be a survivor of battleground. So start your survival in free shooting games using modern weapons in this unknown battleground free gun games. In this free shooting missions do surgical strike and lead your squad as you do your duty to become best fps shooting games commando in battle royal games. Take any type of guns of ff model from arsenal and prepare yourself to avoid shots fired during battle in action-packed shooting games free fps survival modes. Use different scope rifles like sniper, shot gun and make cleanest fire in gun games to get highest scores.
    Realistic maps like in free gun games.
    As free shooter fps player in action-packed shooting games upgrade your weapons
    Free gun games mode with unknown maps on battle for survival
    Complete royale objectives with hi-res graphics
    Realistic effects with immersive sound effects
  • Dino TRex from no wifi game in browser, a cute easter egg.
    Very simple, pure fun.
    Just enjoy Chromeasaurus rex ;-)
    Based on an open source project with a BSD-3-Clause license:
  • Big Fighting game is the best fight game for combat fighting & Kung Fu Fighting lovers!
    Combat with world's best fighters and underworld bosses, warriors fight for their honor and dignity. Fight with best fighters of different era including Deadly Ninja, Dragon Fighter, Boxing & Wrestling Girls, Giant Demons and Futuristic Robots.
    Want to be expert in kung fu fighting and MMA fighting for survival & defeat your enemies! Players have various moves and karate skills kicks, punches and multiple combos. Every player has its own moves and combos, all mafia bosses, heroes and fighter take part in this Big Fighting Combat.
    Game Modes:
    1-Story Mode: Select player and fighting with all warriors and builder buddies for your survival. its a best game ever made for combat warrior fighting.
    2- Verses Mode: Design your own fighting matches and have classical fighting as well as legacy and Kung Fu Fighting.
    3- Training Mode: Learn the fighting skill and move of a specific player in this match b/c opponent will not fighting back.
    Features Of Big Fighting Game:
    1- World best fighters and underworld bosses.
    2- All Classical fighting and Kung Fu move and Combos.
    3- Beautiful environment for action game matches
    4- Train Your player
    5- Different Fighting Modes

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Create an account or log in to Instagram - A simple, fun & creative way to capture, edit & share photos, videos & messages with friends & family. Download a portable version of the software and use it any time, any place. Buy a licensed version of PDF-XChange Editor and receive a copy of Tracker Software's cutting-edge virtual printer PDF-XChange Lite absolutely free. See below for further information and available features.

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  • for all australian around the world
    australian national anthem with lyrics and photos of beautiful australia and all app is about australia photos
    updated daily
    photos generate daily
    videos of beautiful australia
  • S2 Plus VPN keeps your mobile activities safe & private. Protect your online privacy when using the Internet in potentially unsafe locations, such as unprotected WiFi hotspots. S2 Plus VPN provides a safe and trustworthy connection by configuring an secure channel between your android device and the target website using Virtual Private Network technology.
    S2 Plus VPN Features:
    - Free setup, No registration and No logs kept!
    - Never track,log,or store your personally identifiable information
    - No Data transfer limitations
    - Works in all Networks
    - Protect your security and privacy
  • جميع قصص الأنبياء و محاضرات للعديد من الشيوخ العرب المحبوبين
    قصص وحكايات بدون نت وقصص الانبياء كاملة الصحابة رجال حول الرسول و حدوتة قبل النوم بدون نت و قصص اسلامية
    نضع بين ايديكم تطبيق رائع به مجموعه كبيره جدا من القصص والحكايات المنتقاه بعنايه شديده تناسب جميع الاعمار فهو يحتوى على مجموعه قصص و حكايات بدون نت قصص الانبياء كاملة بدون نت الصحابة ورجال حول الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم
    قصص الصحابة كاملة ورجال حول الرسول
    ثالثا :-حكايات الانبياء كاملة بدون نت فى القران ومعجزات الانبياء
    تطبيق قصص الانبياء كامله بدون نت من التطبيقات التى تعمل بدون نت وروعى فيه الدقه فى كل تفاصيله واحداثه
    الانبياء كامله من التطبيقات الاسلامية التى تحكى قصص الانبياء بالتفصيل الانبياء
    1-ادم عليه السلام
    2-نوح عليه السلام قصص الانبياء كاملة
    3-ابراهيم عليه السلام قصص وحكايات اطفال
    5-داوود وسليمان عليهما السلام قصص الانبياء كاملة
    6-صالح عليه السلام
    7-شيث عليه السلام
    8-ادريس عليه السلام
    9-ابراهيم عليه السلام قصص الانبياء كاملة
    10-اسحاق عليه السلام
    11-ايوب عليه السلام
    13-داوود عليه السلام قصص الانبياء
    10-محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم
    .... وباقى انبياء الله تعالى
    عظمه النبى محمد
    السيدة عائشة وامهات المؤمنين
    رابعا:- رجال حول الرسول وقصص الصحابة كاملة
    قصص الصحابة كاملة بدون انترنت يشمل كل قصص الصحابة وحياتهم وكيف انهم خدمو الاسلام والمسلمين لنشر الاسلام فى كل بقاع الارض
    قصص الصحابة كاملة بدون انترنت يشمل رجال حول الرسول الذين تربو فى مدرسة النبوه
    ابو بكر الصديق
    عمر بن الخطاب
    عثمان بن عفان رجال حول الرسول
    على بن ابى طالب و قصص الصحابة كاملة بدون انترنت
    خالد بن الوليدو قصص الصحابة كاملة بدون انترنت
    طلحه بن عبيد الله
    الزبير بن العوام
    حبيب بن زيد
    this app is exclusive for google play
    lessons in islam contains stories of all prophets and you can watch and download the stories
    In this application you can learn about Islam and its instructions from several sheikhs
    The application of lessons in Islam contains the lectures of Sheikh Fathi al-Safi
    The app contains sheikh Badr Al-Mashari lectures
    The app contains lectures by Sheikh Rateb Al-Nabulsi
    The app contains the lectures of Sheikh Mahmoud Hassannat
    The app contains the lectures of Sheikh Mohammed Hassan
    The app contains the lectures of Sheikh Mohammed Al-Arifi
    The app contains sheikh Saad Al-Atiq lectures
    The app contains the lectures of Sheikh Sayed Hajj
    The app contains sheikh kashk lectures
    The app contains sheikh sharawi lectures
    The app contains lectures by Sheikh Omar Abdul Kafi
    The app contains lectures by Sheikh Hazem Shoman
    The app contains sheikh Rajab Deeb lectures
    The app contains the lectures of Sheikh Mahmoud al-Masri
    There are also several sections in this app
    Download the app and enjoy its features
    This app is developed daily and we hope you continue to enjoy everything
  • Download cute and cute kawai wallpapers with lots of characters, will make your smartphone look even more cute and kawaiian, I have prepared lots of cute pictures in one application to make it easier for you to install cute wallpapers
    ✨✨✨Full Features✨✨✨
    ✨ Free
    ✨ Easy to use
    ✨ The size of the wallpaper adjusts the size of your mobile screen
    ✨ High quality wallpapers for devices of all sizes
    ✨ Optimized battery usage
    ✨ Selected designs with nice backgrounds
    ✨ Can save or download the wallpaper we want
    ✨ Supports all size relations
    ✨ Large selection of images
    ✨ Support for all types of smartphones
    So don't hesitate to install and download the cute wallpaper app.
  • Update software: Update all Apps & Software Update will help you to update all apps in your phone. System update: Phone update software is basically designed for those persons who want to keep their apps up to date. If you want to update all apps now, then install this Software Update for Phone: System Updater and this app will do scan for your apps update if any new version of app is available on store, then you can update your apps.
    update all apps in my mobile: Update Software Latest
    Software Update - Phone Update Software brings the latest versions of the apps that developers bring for the users for more reliability. This software update app: update software latest can help you to reach the latest version of the apps which available on the store. When you update all apps, you can access some new features of the apps which developers designed for you.
    Update Software Fast Update for All Android: software update app
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    update all apps in my mobile: software update app
    Our Software Update Check app can help you to check pending updates of android applications. Sometime when our apps are not updated, we cannot access new features of the applications, so try to keep your phone apps up to date and always connect with new discoveries. Ever think how can I update all apps in my mobile quickly? You simply install this Update Software Latest: Update Apps for Android and check for all updates apps in your mobile.
    software update for my phone: update apps list all
    This system update: software update for my phone app can allows you to set the notification settings for the updates of the apps. By this feature you can get all the updates of your phone apps and our update apps list: software update app will notify you, if any of the update will available on the store.
    Features for this Update software: Update all Apps & Software Update
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    Privacy note for this Update software: Update all Apps & Software Update
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  • ☑️you can take care of baby animals, Meet and beautify tiger. Beautiful tiger are sitting in front of a mirror.
    ☑️use certain tools such as auxiliary tools such as using certain tools , Which works like a magic wand. use soap, a shower and a towel to clean up the dirty pets. The process begins with washing the pet's hair using shampoo and then drying it with a towel and hair dryer. For perfect warm bathing, or
    ☑️You can combine a butterfly, necklaces, a tie, a bow, hats and glasses. Little pets adore nature your beauty treatments. perfume your lovely tiger and choose from colorful accessories.
    • Beautiful high quality
    • Vivid colors
    • nice sound effects
    • Cute character
    • color sprays, accessories,
    • Innovative tools
  • App is designed for users interested in earn money by doing simple tasks
  • Download Drake songs his one of the top singer in the world
  • Falz is one of the top singer in Nigeria he as sing with top artist in the world
  • Chemistry Topical Past KCSE Questions and Answers Application is developed to equip the users with the skills and knowledge to tackle Chemistry Questions and provide relevant answers to the KCSE Examiner. The Application has content (Topical Questions and Answers) beginning from form One up to Form Four organized topically in a logical order.
    This App features the following Topics:
    1.1.0 Introduction to Chemistry
    2.0.0 Simple Classification of Substances
    5.0.0 Water and Hydrogen
    6.0.0 Structure of the Atom and the Periodic Table
    7.0.0 Chemical families: Patterns in Properties
    8.0.0 Structure and Bonding
    9.0.0 Salts
    10.0.0 Effect of Electric Current on Substances
    11.0.0 Carbon and some of its Compounds
    12.0.0 Gas Laws
    13.0.0 The Mole-Formulae and Chemical Equations
    14.0.0 Organic Chemistry I (Hydrocarbons)
    15.0.0 Nitrogen and it's Compounds
    16.0.0 Sulphur and its Compounds
    17.0.0 Chlorine and its Compounds
    18.0.0 Acids, Bases and Salts
    19.0.0 Energy Changes in Chemical and Physical Processes
    20.0.0 Reaction Rates and Reversible Reactions
    21.0.0 Electrochemistry
    22.0.0 Metals
    23.0.0 Organic Chemistry II (Alkanols and Alkanoic Acids) (20 Lessons)
    24.0.0 Radioactivity
  • List of Hindi Newspapers.
    Jagran. Jagran is one of the most widely circulated Hindi newspapers.
    Newspapers of National, Uttar Pradesh (UP), Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jammu, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and New Delhi NCR. Covered about 29 states.
    All regional and national magazines from India are available in this app.
    Read 500+ Hindi newspapers.Browse local newspapers by official , easy, clean and fast, multi-touch state
    * You can also browse newspapers by state of India.
    * *ead all 500+ Hindi newspapers of the best India.
    * All country news and state news in Hindi.
    * Provincial and state Bengali newspaper texts, yes most American applications.
    * * Browse newspapers and news of any state
    * Add news site - News and media sites Google search and add
    * * Very few ads - clean, fast and very few ads
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    * * Top 100 trending in one click
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    * single. Easy to use single hand navigation, close button, home button, share button
    * * News browsing by state, about 30 states are covered
    * List of Newspapers *
    1 = Google News
    2 = BBC News
    3 = Navbharat Times
    4 = Economic Times
    5 = IBN News
    6 = Incom News
    7 = AJ Talk News
    8 = G News
    9 = ABP News
    10= Jagran
    11=World news
    12= Amar Ujala
    13= Business Value
    14= Radio Tehran
    15= Magazine
    17= Punjab Kesari
    18= raftaar
    19= Khas Khabar
    20= Hindustan
    21= morning news
    22= bhaadas4mediacom
    23= The IANS
    24= Tamil news
    25= janasatta
    26= Deshbandhu
    27= Divya Himachal
    28= Press Note
    29= UNI bharta
    30= proponent least
    31= haribhumi
    32= pratibhabada
    33= heraksepa Correspondent
    34= Intervention
    35= DW ( Hindi )
    36= Palpildia
    37= Prabhasakshi
    38= Profit Loss
    39= National Sahara
    40= Pratachal
    41= Chauthi Duniya
    42= Ranchi Express
    43= Raj Express
    44= Purbachanchal Patrol
    45= Bangla
    46= news
    47= Tehelka
    48= Tribune
    49= Navajyoti
    50= Mahanagar Times
    51= Nava Bharat
    52= Sanmarg
    53= Lok Tej
    54= Deshdut
    55= emalwa
    56= Panchjanya
    57= Legendary news
    58= Daily Chhattisgarh
    59= Boundary message
    60= Reconciliation
    61= Jan Uday
    62= English news
    63= Bhopal News
    64= EMS India
    65= bd news
    66= Media Darbar
    67= helloraipur
    68= Bir Arjun
    69= Bhartiya Paksha
    70= bhojpuri news
    71= Swatantraawaz
    72= swatantravaarttha
    73= Purvoday
    74=Pakistan news
    75=Sach Kahoon
    76= Jansandesh Times
    77= Sandhya Prakash
    78= Dastak News
    79= Janadesh
    89= Times
    81= Dekho Bhopal
    82= Garja Chhattisgarh
    83= Dandakaranya Samachar
    84= News Wing
    There are also many more Hindi newspapers
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    - Surah Al-An'am audio Islam Sobhi
    - Surah Al-A'raf audio Islam Sobhi
    - Al-Anfal audio Islam Sobhi
    - Al-Bara'at / At-Taubah audio Islam Sobhi
    - Yunus audio Islam Sobhi
    - Hud audio Islam Sobhi
    - Surah Yusuf audio Islam Sobhi
    - Ar-Ra'd audio Islam Sobhi
    - Surah Ibrahim audio Islam Sobhi
    - Al-Hijr audio Islam Sobhi
    - An-Nahl audio Islam Sobhi
    - Surah Bani Isra'il audio Islam Sobhi
    - Surah Al-Kahf audio Islam Sobhi
    - Surah Maryam audio Islam Sobhi
    - TaHa audio Islam Sobhi
    - Al-Anbiya' audio Islam Sobhi
    - Al-Hajj audio Islam Sobhi
    - Surah Al-Mu'minun audio Islam Sobhi
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    - Ad-Dukhan audio Islam Sobhi
    - Al-Jathiyah audio Islam Sobhi
    - Al-Ahqaf audio Islam Sobhi
    - Surah Muhammad audio Islam Sobhi
    - Al-Fath audio Islam Sobhi
    - Al-Hujurat audio Islam Sobhi
    - Qaf audio Islam Sobhi
    - Ad-Dhariyat audio Islam Sobhi
    - At-Tur audio Islam Sobhi
    - An-Najm audio Islam Sobhi
    - Al-Qamar audio Islam Sobhi
    - Ar-Rahman audio Islam Sobhi
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    - Al-Hashr audio Islam Sobhi
    - Al-Mumtahanah audio Islam Sobhi
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    - Al-Jumu'ah audio Islam Sobhi
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