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It took me a while but here's a new toy. Today I publish my own PHP forkbased on the PHP 5.3.6 code base with a few changes that make the everydaysdeveloper life more bearable. It includes some of the patches I've alreadypublished about 3 years ago, my defcon extension and also my infusion extensionplus a good bunch of extra gimmickries.

In the MySQL-landscape, you can see that the server is forked again andagain which result in a seperate project every time; such as Drizzle, MariaDB,OurDelta or the Percona server. I don't want to maintain my own PHP version,but it's fun to improve PHP's behaviour under the view of faster development andalso faster execution.

Pan Php File Manager. It manages uploaded images and document files. In short, it manages the uploaded file, and allows you to do whatever you want with the file, especially if it is an image, and as many times as you want. It is the ideal class to quickly integrate file upload in your site. If the file is an image, you can resize it in. Jun 28, 2016 In our previous tutorial RFI hacking for beginners we saw what is remote file inclusion vulnerability and how hackers use this vulnerability to upload files into the web server. In that tutorial, we uploaded a C99 php shell, which is the most popular shell used in RFI hacking. Today we will see further on how hackers upload shell and hack a. In our previous tutorial RFI hacking for beginners we saw what is remote file inclusion vulnerability and how hackers use this vulnerability to upload files into the web server. In that tutorial, we uploaded a C99 php shell, which is the most popular shell used in RFI hacking. Today we will see further on how hackers upload shell and hack a.

The above wget command will download a txt shell and save it as webshell.php in the site directory over system. If the web shell is not generated, try exec as system may have been deactivated on the webserver php.ini file. To search for a web shell backdoor that is readily available for including, search for the following on Google: inurl. Security 106 – Limit PHP access to file system. In most web server setups it’s strictly advised that the web applications are not allowed to read files outside of the web root directory. All the web server files are generally located under /var/www unless a customization is done.

Okay, get the source from github and see what has changed so far

Performance improvements

Hardcoded strlen() and count()

strlen() is both, often used and very slow at the same time. Invarious PHP performance instructions, you can read that isset() ismuch faster to determine if a string has at least a certain size. If you wantto check the exact length, you end up with something like this:strlen($str) 32 -> isset($str[31]) &&!isset($str[32]). This is very ugly and hard to read. I added anew opcode for count() and strlen(), whichresults in up to 10 times faster function execution. A strlen() with aconstant string like strlen('foo') is optimized away to a constant'3' at compile time; which is cool because this way more verbose codeis not a problem anymore.

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Hardcoded constants

The constants true, false and null are used alsovery often. Unfortunately, every usage of either of these constants invokes aconstant lookup. There is no problem with this, constant lookups are fast, butI nevertheless implemented these constants directly in the parser to avoidthese lookups.

Optimized smart strings

PHP makes use of the smart string library - an internal dynamicgrowing string library. I optimized the smart_str_append_long()function to add integer numbers much faster. I've also added a new functionsmart_str_append_const() to concatenate a smart string buffer with aconstant string.

Time call optimization

For every time() call in PHP, there is also a time(NULL)call to the kernel - and a few more for internal handlers. I thought, that thisis optimized away by using the SAPI layer. But the SAPI method to use a cachedtime(0) is implemented very spartan. So I removed alltime(NULL) and time(0) calls with the internal SAPI handlerand also implemented a SAPI hook for CGI/FCGI. You may know, that there is nochance of getting the time via CGI/FCGI. But I patched also lighttpd and nginxto send the time as RAW_TIME. There is a risk that this optimizationbreaks your script because you get an old cached time value if the script runsmore than one second - for example inside of a daemon written in PHP. Thus,I've added a new ini variable called use_sapi_time to turn thisoptional optimization on.

strtr() table generation optimization

strtr() creates an internal lookup table to speed-up the characterreplacement. Unfortunately, gcc can not optimize this table generationaway. So I hardcoded this table instead of beeing generated anew for eachcall.

Turn off $_REQUEST variable if it's not needed

Registering PHP's super globals consumes superfluous time. The$_REQUEST variable contains all request relevant parameters, but Inever use it and use $_POST, $_COOKIE, $_GETdirectly under an OOP fashion instead. Anyway, I added 'r' to the ini variablevariables_order to make the filling ofthe $_REQUEST arrayoptional.

New PHP functions

bool exists(mixed $var[, ...])

exists() is isset()'s little brother not taking nullvalues into account. It just tests for the existence of variables andattributes. My old patch removed the null check of isset() but Iwanted to keep backwards compatibility and added a new functionexists().


string str_random(int $len[, string $chars='0123...XYZ']);

Generates a random string very quickly using the underlaying operatingsystem.


int ob_fwrite(resource $fd[, int $len=0])

Writes the ob buffer to an opened file handle.


mixed timechop(int $time[, mixed $format=2, bool $is_array=false])

Chops a time into smaller pieces and returns it as formatted string or asarray. The format is a mixed type and can be defined as integer as a number ofentities or as string to define the units you want to get. The types for theselective mode are defined as:

The time value switches to the delta of the current time and the passedvalue if the value is too big and looks like a unix timestamp.


int xround(int $num)

Round to the next power of 10. This breaks down 10log(n) /log(10) by using a fast binary search.


double sigfig(double $num, int $figs)

Calculates the significant figures of a number.


int sgn(double $num)

Calculates the sign of a number.


string strcut(string $str, int $num[, string $x='...'])

Cuts a string if it's longer then a max value and appends a given string.This function doesn't chop words.


string strcal(string $format, string $str[, int $len=-1])

String calibration to check, if the string is in a given format with asimple regexp format.


string strical(string $format, string $str[, int $len=-1])

String calibration without care about upper and lower case.


string strmap(string $str, array $replace)

Brings a simple template parser to PHP. The idea comes from the C# printf()functionalitys.


int bround(int $num, int $base)

Round to the next multiple of a certain base.


mixed bound(mixed $num, mixed $min[, mixed $max])

Limits a number to a specified lower min- and a upper max value


Usability improvements

foreach() for strings

Writing parsers in PHP mostly result in for() + strlen() + substr()constructs. I modified foreach() to be able to loop through strings inorder to get the characters and their index. This is prettier and also muchfaster then the previous method.


Delete characters with strtr()

Deleting several characters from a string can cause multiplestr_replace() calls. It's now possible to delete all characters atonce using strtr().


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Key implode

I need a list of the keys of an array very often. One way to do this isimplode(array_keys($arr)), which is not that fast and looks not reallynice. implode() now has a new parameter be able to return the keysinstead of the value:


Negative string offsets

What happens if you write $str[-5]? Right, you get a warning andthe expression returns null. But why should we give it away? We coulduse negative string offsets in the same way as positive string offsets with thedifference, that we start at the end of the string. So [0] is thefirst character of the string, [1] the second and [-1] is thelast, [-2] the second last and so on. This is really intuitive, makesthe code cleaner and avoid nasty strlen() baubles.


Binary numbers

In C# you can define binary numbers in a similar way you write hexadecimalnumbers: 0x90. With this change you can define binary numbers with a0b prefix like this: 0b01001. I don't know, if thisfeature is good for a common use, because, as you may know, there are after allonly 10 persons who understand binary. But I use bit sets very often and thisis a good and fast way to do this.


Short array

Programmers are such a lazy folks and writing array() is reallyannoying. Here is an attempt to make this more handy.


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Better chr() handling

Converting ascii-codes to real characters is possible with thechr()-function. Unfortunately, you only can pass one character at onego. Now it's possible to pass a list of ascii-codes via an array or via avariable parameter list of ascii-codes


Microtime default parameter

A very useless default parameter is the one of microtime(). I canremember, with PHP 4 everyone used a explode() + subtractaction towork around microtime()'s return value. With PHP 5 it became possible to returnthe time as double, but this is not the default. I broke the API compatibilityhere and return the µ-time as a double by default.


UTF-8 and ENT_QUOTES as default

As most web applications should work with UTF-8 to makei18n more easy, it is a good idea to bring UTF-8 as default into thegame. The same is true of ENT_QUOTES. Okay, I must admit, this changeis also a little product of laziness because I hate writing ENT_QUOTES,'UTF-8' - thus this was the last time.

$encoded = htmlspecialchars($ugly);

Disable include warnings

A really annoying problem is when include-warnings spam the logfile, if youput aside file_exists() checks. You could add a @-sign in front of theinclude command, but this forces PHP to be silence for the entire file. PHP nowhas a new ini directive ignore_include_warning to be able to disableinclude warnings with ini_set() or globally.

Omitting quoting with json_encode()

Quoting is necessary to satisfy the json protocol. As an extension, it issometimes nice to define callbacks in a json string. I added a new bit-maskconstant namely JSON_CALLBACK_CHECK in addition to the undocumentedJSON_NUMERIC_CHECK. If the callback-check flag is set, the prefix__cb of a string value indicates a not quoted callbackstring.


MySQLi/mysqlnd changes

Native type casting turned on by default

I think it's a good idea to turn on native type casting by default. Thisreduces cache sizes of installations where people don't care about somethinglike that and increases also the execution performance if numbers fromdatabases are heavily involved in calculations.

mysqli_fetch_all() returns associative arrays by default

The MySQLi function mysqli_fetch_all() returns an indexed array bydefault. The performance benefit doing so is very low; using associative arraysshould be better with regard of easy and readable code.

MySQLi matched rows

The MySQLi attribute matched_rows and the attendantprocedural mysqli_matched_rows() function return the numberof matched rows of the last SQL operation. If you updadate a table and theaffected_rows number is e.g. 5, this doesn't mean that 5 is also thenumber of elements that have matched the WHERE clause. If you want toretrieve the number, you need to run another SELECT COUNT(1) querywith the same condition or parse the mysqli_info() output for yourselfinstead.


The function mysqli_return() is the equivalent tomysql_result(). The difference of mysqli_return() to it'solder pendant is, that the MySQLi version free's it's ressource after returningthe value by default. You can turn off this behaviour, but I wanted a functionwhich can be used to return and free a single value instantly.


Tidied up PHP

The PHP fork is rid of the followin old and depricated functionalities inorder to make the code base smaller and to improve the execution time. This maylimit the usage of PHP under some scenarios but first read on at the nextsection.

  • Deleted define_syslog_variables
  • Deleted magic quotes
  • Deleted register globals
  • Deleted ASP-tags
  • Deleted short open tags and <?php= is the new <?=
  • Deleted allow_call_time_pass_reference
  • Reduced the default memory limit to 16MB
  • Deleted safe mode
  • Deleted disable functions/classes

New ini file

I've added a new ini file in order to have more control over PHP. It'spossible to define and delete constants, declare variables as SUPERand rename and delete functions and classes. The new ini file looks likethis:

I named the file php-global.conf which can be defined with aphp.ini variable like so

globals.filename = '/etc/php-global.conf'

Bug fixes

  • chroot() wasn't enabled for fpm, just for the cgi SAPI
  • Sending 'private' with the nocache session cache limiter
  • Make 'false' printable with print_r instead of an empty string

Some further ideas (not implemented yet)

  • A new preg_replace() modifier to upper and lower stringsdirectly
  • unpack() returns an array even if the count of the array is 1. Amixed type would be save the array handling; internally and in the userspace
  • If one character is used with arithmetic operation, it COULD be used asascii-code instead of parsing the string
  • I wrote my own mysqli_real_escape() function based on the codeof libmysqlclient. This function is strongly optimized and thereforefaster. Additionally, it does not need a connection handle. I would be gladto see an escaping function, which can get the encoding from the localconfiguration instead of using a database handle.
  • I did not investigated time finding out if APC optimizes $i++ to++$i if the value is read-only. If not, it would be cool havingsuch a feature directly in the core to save some time. But maybe this is abetter job for an opcode optimizer, which also reduces thenumber of redundant jumps and so on.

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Ready for takeoff

If you like the features of the modified PHP 5.3.6, you can get it fromgithub. I would be glad to hear further improvements that should getimplemented and also hear what you think about the changes I made.

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