ClickBank Download Protector v5.0
with built-in ELG
(Expiring Link Generator)

And Affiliate Marketplace. ClickBank is a leading global retailer with its own affiliate marketplace. We enable you to grow with unlimited scale. Grow your sales with the ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace. Discover and shop for innovative products.

Updated For ClickBank's Newest Security Algorithm Change

Display Multiple Download Links on One Page,
Dynamic thank-you pages,
Ability to collect buyer's name and email address,
Adding your buyer to your Autoresponder,
Redirection to any 3rd-party (or affiliate) web site!

Click Here to watch a Demo Video

Hi Ravi,

I just NEED to say that your Clickbank Download Protector v4.0 is absolutely fantastic!

I've tested and used other Clickbank protector scripts, which are either weak on security features or, are extremely difficult to install.

With Clickbank Download Protector v4.0 you've got the balance right, with high-level security features and easy-to-follow comprehensive installation documentation. You've put a lot of work into CBDP v4.0, and it shows.

I really don't understand how you're able to sell your scripts at such low prices. I guess it's down to your unwavering and tireless commitment to quality while ensuring that you over-deliver to your customers every time.

Your scripts have that unique quality which communicate that I'm not receiving ordinary run-of-the-mill software.

From your detailed documentation right through to your friendly customer support, you deliver a high quality service that I'm very, very proud to recommend.

Keep up your excellent coding and please continue to deliver unique automated software solutions for us tireless webmasters.

Best regards,

David Banton

'Approximately 5.5 billion dollars worth of software
was stolen over the Internet last year'

'The average fraud inflicts a loss of about $110,000 per organization, and $15,000 to each individual'
Source: InterGov International

What are YOU doing to protect YOUR business?

'If you use ClickBank to sell e-Books, Software, Word or PDF documents,
or practically ANY existing type of Downloadable e-Product,
then this script is your dream come true!'

What can you do with the ClickBank Download Protector?
Supports multiple download links - you can configure different sales links with different number of products, adding an almost shopping-cart like ability to ClickBank purchases. Specify both file names and product descriptions to your dynamic, expiring download links.

You can create multiple thank-you pages, and specify which one to use for which product - each of them with different content and different Look&Feel for your different web sites.

Now you can use one ClickBank account and one installation of the ClickBank Download Protector script to protect all of your ClickBank products from all of your web sites. You can even create a centralized download site for offering secure, expiring downloads for all of your niche sites, each of them looking exactly like your niche site with it's own custom header, footer, logo, etc.

You can present a Splash-Form to ask for your buyer's name and email address shown before the user is presented with the secure, expiring download links.

Comes with a fully integrated, in-built Universal Form-Mailer script (a $34.95 value in itself) that sends the contents of the Splash-Form to any email address you specify.

This destination email address could even be that of an autoresponder - note that this autoresponder has to have the ability to accept subscriptions through an email address ([email protected] or [email protected]).

Redirection to 3rd-party web sites or just about any URL - you don't have to show a thank-you page after the purchase - you can even choose to redirect your buyer to any web site of your choice - it could be one of your own niche sites, or a 3rd party web site, like an affiliate site.
Sell digital products through ClickBank without worrying about hackers and pirates stealing your digital products
Automate the delivery of your precious files 24x7, 365 days a year, and never again deal with an angry customer who opted for a refund only because she couldn't download your product as soon as she purchased it - because it was 2:00 AM in the morning when they made the purchase - and you were sleeping!
Lock your 'thank you' page from getting bookmarked or shared.
Only your legitimate buyers will see your download page - the others will see an 'Error' page.
Create temporary links that automatically expire in as little as a few minutes, or a few hours - its your choice
The links can be made to expire without your even lifting a finger. The software takes care of it all for you!

Fort-Knox Protection for your Digital Downloadable Products
that you sell through ClickBank - from getting stolen by sleazeballs
who will try to bookmark and share your thank you page
with their freeloading buddies - and maybe even post the link
on the Internet for everyone to see -
and YOU could potentially LOSE thousands of dollars in lost sales!

Hi Ravi,
It was a pleasure doing business with you! And thank you very much for helping me figure out the technical part of the installation.

The script itself is awesome! I had previously used a cgi-based ClickBank 'protection' script, but learned from my log files that the download URL was being shared.

With your script, there's no way that can happen. Thank you for an
excellent product!

Dan Eskelson
Clearwater Landscape Design

Do You Want a Digital Product Delivery System that Fully Automates & Protects Sales and Downloads for ClickBank and PayPal Transactions?

Dear Friend,
Do you know that hackers and thieves can easily download your products without paying for them - even if you use password protection?
Do you know that ordinary people will give out the location of your download page and download links?
Do you want to see how the Digital Product Guard Download System will quickly and easily solve these problems (and many more) for you?

If you want to see how the Digital Product Guard Download System will protect your sales transactions and your digital products then keep reading and try the free $0.00 test purchase demonstration below.
Digital Product Guard will automatically protect the payments for your sales and it will secure your digital products so they can only be downloaded by your authorized customers!
Clickbank download page hack downloadClickbank Download Page Hack
ClickBank and PayPal are the two most popular payment processors used by Internet Marketers. However, ClickBank and PayPal do not provide adequate payment and digital product delivery protection for merchants that use their services. Plus, there are many other ways that your digital products can be stolen from your website/server that you need to be protected from.
The Digital Product Guard ClickBank and PayPal Download System is a fully automated 'Thank You' page generator and download protection system that is more powerful than any other digital product protection method. In addition to protecting your sales payment transactions, your download pages and your download links, it also protects your digital products on your website/server from unauthorized access.
The ClickBank and PayPal Download System also manages the entire payment process for you. It sends your customer a Thank You email that contains their payment information and it sends you a detailed Sales Report after every purchase. Plus, if you want, it will automatically add your customers to your database or to an autoresponder so you can follow-up with them and/or introduce them to other products and special offers!
Here's how the Digital Product Guard Download System provides YOU with the best protection:

  1. It is a stand alone product that does not require connecting to or communicating with another website/server other than the payment processor (ClickBank/PayPal). This provides better security because nothing needs to be shared or sent back and forth - so you only need to protect your website - you have no control over someone else's website.
  2. The download links are totally secured by a 160-bit algorithm, which is encrypted with a private (secret) key. The download links are replaced with a secure hash/code and the Secure Download System authenticates each secure link before it will allow the download (this method provides more security than any other download system).
    This process securely protects the real download location of your downloadable files, and the secure download links can also be set to expire at a predetermined time that you choose. The entire process is automatically preformed by this Secure Download System and you only need to set it up one time for it to secure all of your download links for you. By using this method there is absolutely no way an Internet user can find the actual location of your files.
  3. The secure download links cannot be accessed without going through the Secure Download System that captures the user's identifying IP address and sends you (the merchant) a sales report/download notification every time the Secure Download System is accessed/used.
  4. The only way to access the download page is through the Secure Download System and you can set the download page to have one-time access so nobody can return to, or share the download page.
  5. You can set the download location to be anywhere you want, it can be a local directory, a password protected directory, a directory at another website or on a different web server. Or, it can be a directory above/outside of the web server's root directory, which means it is impossible for any Internet user to access this directory without going through the Secure Download System (this method provides a lot more security than any password protected directory does).
  6. It provides the absolute best protection for accepting PayPal payments (and automatically delivering digital products) because Digital Product Guard will verify the following 4 items:
    1) The 'payment amount'.
    2) The currency used for payment (it could be in US Dollars and/or in Foreign Currency).
    3) That the payment was made to 'your' PayPal account.
    4) That the Payment Verification actually came from PayPal.
    Those are the 4 vulnerabilities in PayPal's payment system and the Digital Product Guard Download System will protect you from all 4 of them. And, in addition to that Digital Product Guard will ensure that the customer who made the payment is the only person who can access your download page.
  7. It has a feature that lets you email secure download links that can be set to expire at a predetermined time. Click here to test this feature.
  8. Right now it only costs $47.00 - the secure download link feature alone is worth more than that!
  9. With most other download protection systems the real location of the download page and/or the download links are exposed in the Browser's 'History' folder and/or 'Temporary Internet Files' folder which means they can be passed around without you even knowing it.
  10. Digital Product Guard's protection is achieved by the superior technology used in the Secure Download System - instead of ineffective methods like Cloaking Links, Hiding Download Locations, JavaScript, Frames, and logging IP Addresses, which are the inferior methods my competitors use.
Even if you don’t understand all of the technical aspects of the security features listed above the important thing to understand is the benefit, which is total protection for your products and your downloads.
The Digital Product Guard ClickBank and PayPal Download System has all the important features you need and its superior technology will give you more protection (effective protection that really works) than any other download security product. That’s not a bunch of hype, that’s a fact!
The following chart demonstrates what the Digital Product Guard Download System will do for you.

After ClickBank and PayPal Download System verifies the buyer the following process takes place:

  1. The script collects and records the name, email address, and the IP address of the buyer.

  2. The script generates a protected 'Thank You' page that inserts the secure download links.

  3. Then it gives the verified buyer their instant download from your protected download location.

  4. Even at this step the script will not let the buyer Bookmark or see your real download location!

  5. Next, the script sends a Thank You Message to the buyer and a detailed Sales Report to you.

  6. Then, if you want, the script will add the buyer to your autoresponder to promote your other products!

The Digital Product Guard Download System is fully automated!

With the ClickBank and PayPal Download System...

  • You don't have to manually send download instructions or a thank you message to your customers.
  • You don't have to manually add them to your customer database or your autoresponder.
  • You don't have to manually send them follow-up and/or promotional email messages.
  • You don't have to worry about how to get repeat sales.
  • You don't have to worry about thieves and hackers stealing your products.
  • You don't have to worry about people passing around your download pages and download links.

Digital Product Guard will automatically do everything for you!

Take a look at the screen shots below.

Unauthorized Access Page
The image on the left shows what people will see if they try to reach the download page without paying!The following link is the location of the 'Thank You' page for the ClickBank and PayPal Download System: Click here to try and Download this product without paying!

Download Page
The image on the right is an example of a download page with secure download links that the buyer will automatically be sent to after their payment has been verified. You can customize the download page to match your website and say and/or contain anything you want. Also, if you want, you can have the buyer automatically added to your autoresponder!
You can set access to the download page to expire in any amount of time that you want, or set it for one-time access so nobody can share the download page!

Sales Report
The image on the left shows an example of the Sales Report email message that is sent to the merchant (you). You can turn this feature off if you do not want to receive these reports.

Thank You - Order Confirmation
The image on the right shows an example of the Thank You - Order Confirmation email message that is automatically sent to your customer. It contains complete information about the order that will make you look more professional. Plus, you can customize this message to say anything you want.

Here's How Easy It Is:

Clickbank Hack

The entire process is simple.

You open the ClickBank and PayPal Download System script in any text editor, like Notepad, and modify the specified fields as described in the step-by-step instructions. Then you simply upload the PHP scripts and if you're using ClickBank you will need to enter your 'Thank-you' page URL in your ClickBank Control Panel. If you're using PayPal you will need to turn on the Auto Return, PDT, and IPN features in your PayPal account.

In a few minutes, you can automate your ClickBank and PayPal sales and downloads, and protect your digital products from hackers and thieves!
No programming knowledge is necessary to use this PHP script. You just need to be able to edit/enter variables in PHP scripts and you need to be able to edit a Web page. Complete step-by-step instructions are provided that explain how to setup, customize, and upload your 'Thank You' page script.

  • This is a Fully Automated System!
  • It is Thief and Hacker proof.
  • Nothing to program - just open it in a simple Text Editor and enter your information in the script.
  • Works with all Web Browsers - it does not matter what Web Browser is used.
  • Unlimited usage - You can create as many protected 'Thank You' pages as you want.

Risk-Free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You have nothing to lose with my risk free 100% satisfaction guarantee! There's absolutely no risk to you.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with my
30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee!

If you aren't 100% satisfied (for any reason) simply contact me within 30 days of purchase and I will give you all your money back!

Unsolicited Customer Testimonials

Hi Don,
I just want to tell you how great I think your Digital Product Guard is. After searching the Internet and coming across tons of programs that are supposed to protect your product download and thank you pages, I would recommend yours over all the others and it's at a price anyone can afford. Easy to install and your tech support is tremendous..
It's the best program of its kind on the market.
Kind regards,
Tim Taylor

'Fantastic Product, Outstanding Service...'
Personally, I would never consider selling downloadable products without this software!
Your software script is absolutely amazing and has given me piece of mind that my downloadable products are in fact secure. I was very, very impressed with the patience you demonstrated when I asked for your assistance to ensure everything was set-up properly. Your additional suggestions were quite helpful too, and you definitely went above and beyond normal support issues.
Fantastic Product, Outstanding Service...
This newbie is one happy camper!
Michael D. Hill

Don, thanks for this excellent software program.
Now my digital products are protected, and my payment processing, download deliveries, and customer follow-ups are totally automated.
I love this software program!
Thanks again,
Kim Bennett

'Digital Product Guard is the best!'
Hi Don,
I want to tell you how happy I am with Digital Product Guard...
I tried several of your competitor's products but it turned out that none of them provided good download protection and they could not secure the digital products on my server like Digital Product Guard does for me now.
Digital Product Guard was also easy for me to install because your detailed step-by-step instructions are excellent.
Digital Product Guard is the best!
Dave Kirkwood

'Digital Product Guard has saved me a lot of money!'
I want to let you know that Digital Product Guard has saved me a lot of money!
I use PayPal payment links on my website and after having a lot of people steal my ebooks I decided to try Digital Product Guard. Well, as soon I installed it the unauthorized downloads stopped, I no longer have any ebooks stolen and my sales have increased by 20%.
Thank you very much,
Janet Richards

Thank you for your help.
Michael Hoey

'You've set new standards in customer service!'
Hi Don
Not only does Digital Product Guard well and truly live up to its name but there's more...
Your tech support was outstanding and your patience with a struggling newbie amazing.
You've set new standards in customer service!
Michael Coleman

I cannot express my gratitude for having discovered and invested in Digital Product Guard.
I was paying quite a bit of money for a third party service to deliver my digital products through expiring links. After 5 years, and several thousand dollars in expenses for that service, I discovered Digital Product Guard.
Having Digital Product Guard installed on my own site has allowed me to not only save money but also a lot of time because the digital products that are downloaded never have a problem, unlike the providers of my previous download service where a large number of downloads were corrupted, or the download links did not work. Rectifying those problems always took me away from other more important things.
I cannot give enough praise, not only for the product, but also for the support that is provided. If you are looking for a solution to deliver your digital products safely and securely then get Digital Product Guard!
Michael Burgess
Full Time Online Marketer & Site Designer

'We wanted to thank you'
Hi, Don!
We wanted to thank you so much for being there at all times to answer any questions and for assisting us unhesitatingly during our setup process of your Digital Product Guard download protection software.
As novices to the wide world of websites and eBook selling, we were fortunate to learn of your great security software before we fully launched our products online. Otherwise, if our download links, etc. had been stolen it would have been so disheartening to learn too late that our hard work and profits were going down someone else’s free drain.
It is truly reassuring to know our virtual products are now safeguarded and that you are just an email away if we need you!
With gratitude,
Tara and Pam @ Purple Peacock

Summary Of Features

  • Verifies the Buyer before the following process takes place:
  • Generates a protected 'Thank You' page that automatically inserts the secure download links!
  • Collects and records the name, email address, receipt number, and the IP address of the buyer.
  • Sends a Thank You Message to the buyer that includes their receipt and purchase information.
  • Sends you (the merchant) a detailed Sales Report that includes all of the buyer's information.
  • Allows the buyer to download while it keeps your download location and links protected!
  • Adds the buyer to your database/autoresponder so you can follow-up and/or promote other products.
  • Fast processing - directly between ClickBank/PayPal and your site - no other company is involved!
  • You can customize the Thank You Messages, and the 'Thank You' and 'Unauthorized Access' pages.
  • Easy to setup!
  • Works with every Web Browser!
  • Thief and Hacker proof.
  • You can create as many protected 'Thank You' pages as you want!

Summary Of Benefits

  • Protects your sales payments, your download pages, your download links, and your digital products!
  • Automates the entire payment process for you!
  • Makes you look much more professional.
  • Saves you a lot of time and money!
  • You'll have happy customers from the fast payment processing and instant download system!
  • It allows you to make more money from backend sales by automatically building your customer database for you - so you can easily send them offers for other products!

My 100% No Risk Offer: Get ClickBank and PayPal Download System today, try it for up to 30 days and if you are not totally satisfied I will refund your full investment, no questions asked.

Order Now for Only $47.00 and get Instant Access!

Plus, if you order by midnight you will receive the following bonus!
BonusValue: $199.95
Unlimited Updates
Most companies charge their customers for updates, however with this bonus you will receive Unlimited Updates for free! Whenever Digital Product Guard is updated you will receive the new version for free.

Order Now for Only $47.00 and get Instant Access!

Click here to get this entire package right now! Remember, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If you're not totally thrilled, you'll get an immediate refund!
This may be your last chance to order before I raise the price.
Don Richter

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